Program Overview

Program Overview

Child Neurology Residency Training Program

The University of Virginia Division of Child Neurology and Department of Neurology have been training child neurologists for more than forty years.  Our current clinical faculty consists of seven individuals and additional child neurology faculty recruitments are currently underway.  Three of our faculty members have each had more than 20 years experience training child neurologists; One child neurology training position is offered each year; Child neurology training typically involves two years of pediatrics, one year of adult and two years of child neurology.  We are able to offer a five year University of Virginia program that includes all of the required training in pediatrics and neurology.

Although candidates may choose to complete the pediatric segment of training elsewhere, many applicants are attracted to the possibility of completing their training without moving twice.   Moreover, we offer a wide variety of post-training fellowsChild Neuro facultyhip experiences in clinical neurology or basic sciences potentially avoiding an additional move in order to secure additional training.

We are proud of the excellence and training commitment of our pediatrics and neurology departments.   We have strength in all areas of neurology and child neurology.  Our comprehensive child/adult epilepsy and neurologic intensive care clinical, research, and training programs were among the first of their kind to be established in the United States.   Additional widely recognized programs in movement disorders, stroke, higher cortical functions, diseases of muscle and nerve, and other subspecialties are to be found in our neurology department.  The Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center is among the oldest and most respected centers in our region for evaluation and rehabilitation of the entire spectrum of childhood disabilities.  As noted above, a wide variety of superb and diverse clinical and basic neuroscience research is to be found at the University of Virginia.

Additional questions concerning child neurology training can be answered by contacting Dr. Robert Rust or Amy Harris at