Application Information

Application Information

New Application Process

The Child Neurology application process is no longer handled through CAS/ San Francisco match, but is handled through the NRMP match (NRMP and the ERAS system.

Categorical Program position

The categorical program is a 5-year training program, consisting of 2 years in Pediatrics and 3 years in Child Neurology.  By taking advantage of our categorical position, an individual is able to count on five successive years of uninterrupted training in Charlottesville, completing all pediatric and neurological requirements for board certification in Neurology with Special Qualifications in Child Neurology.

Applicants applying to our 2015/2017 categorical position (Pediatrics training to begin July 1, 2015; Child Neurology training to begin July 1, 2017) are required to also apply to the University of Virginia Pediatrics Training Program (1737320C0), in addition to our program (1737185C0).

Available Positions

Applications are currently being accepted for individuals who wish to begin their Pediatrics training July 1, 2016 and Child Neurology July 1, 2018 (5-year categorical position – 1 position).

For important details, please go the NRMP website:

The NRMP requires you apply through ERAS and submit the following: a personal statement; your medical school transcripts;  curriculum vitae; three letters of reference (one should be from the chair of the Department of Neurology at your medical school);  the Dean's letter; a valid ECGME certificate (if you graduated from medical school outside of the U.S. or Canada.). Our department also requires USMLE scores for Step 1 (and preferably also step 2).


Applications to the currently available Child Neurology program positions must be submitted no later than December 1, 2015. Earlier application submissions are afforded a greater range of choices for interview dates.  Individuals to whom interviews are offered will be afforded the opportunity to coordinate their neurology and pediatrics interviews.


After we have received your materials, both Neurology and Pediatrics will review your file and write to you regarding the status of your application.

Child Neurology Interview Dates:  TBA





21st and 29th
11th and 19th



Residency appointments are processed in the spring of the year the residency begins upon receipt of the following administrative paperwork: medical school confirmation of graduation date, recommendation letter from each program director with whom candidate has worked before appointment in neurology, documentation of liability insurance coverage and claims history, and a current curriculum vitae.

Appointment Requirements

Candidates for appointment as resident child neurologists must have received a doctorate in medicine from an accredited medical school and be eligible to take step 3 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). Candidates must have successfully completed their required prerequisite training in U.S. programs approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) (either 2 or more years of residency training in pediatrics in the U.S. or Canada; or 1 year each of residency training in pediatrics and internal medicine; or 1 year of pediatrics plus 1 year of basic neuroscience training); please see the current ABPN booklet, mentioned above, for special situations, since we follow ABPN guidelines for post-doctoral, pre-residency training requirements, or visit Further information is available in the current ABPN booklet.  Applicants should not hesitate to ask our residency program coordinator for more information.