Current Residents

Current Residents

Adult Neurology Residency Training Program Current Residents



Matthew Ehrlich


I was born in Charleston, SC and moved several times during my childhood, living all over the East coast and Midwest. I went to Purdue University, where I studied neurobiology and first fostered my interest in neurology.  Following that, I attended Tulane's School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans, LA where I listened to a lot of live music, attended festivals and parades, ate amazing food, oh and received my MPH in Epidemiology.  Finally, I went to Penn State University College of Medicine. I interviewed at about a dozen programs. I chose UVA for it's well known excellence in patient care and focus on training and education, but it was truly the comaraderie and close-knit department of amazing clinical neurologists that sealed the deal for me. The laid-back, yet driven atmosphere of UVA is in my eyes a unique and wonderful asset of the program.  The character of the town of Charlottesville and it's great location were also big draws for me. There is always plenty to do here, with impressive local craft breweries and vineyards, a fun downtown, and the always ecclectic restuarant scene. We're also only minutes away from national parks with a seemingly endless number of beautiful hikes, camping and paddling opportunities. Importantly, we always make sure there is time to enjoy those things while training here. After residency, I plan to complete a fellowship in stroke and go on to a career in academic medicine with a focus on education and clinical acute stroke management.


Matthew P. Elliott

ElliottAfter being raised near Charleston, W.Va, I attended the University of Notre Dame, where I spent most of my time as an electrical engineer tailgating football games. I went to West Virginia University for medical school. It was during my 3-4th years that I decided to do my residency in neurology. I interviewed at about a dozen programs. I chose UVA because the program is great, Charlottesville is great, and the residents are generally happy people. I am now in my 1st year of residency and am very happy to be here. The training has been excellent. The focus here is on training, patient care and quality of life. After my residency, I plan to do a fellowship. I am currently most interested in movement disorders, neuromuscular disease, and epilepsy.



Christopher L. Groth


My name is Christopher Groth and I am originally from the great state of Iowa.  My wife and I couples matched here, she doing Emergency Medicine, and have greatly enjoyed our experiences out here.  We love all of the activities that are available here including hiking, kayaking, visiting wineries and breweries, going to the beach, visiting DC, etc.  Additionally, I have found this program to be incredibly friendly and helpful, though continuing to push me to be the best doctor that I can be.  I feel that all of the attendings that I work with truly want to help me to learn and are always available for questions.  If you ever want to know more, please email me as I would love to tell you more about the area and why I feel that the training program here is so great.


Sneha Mantri  - Co-Chief


I'm from the DC suburbs and went to UVa for undergrad, where I double-majored in biochemistry and comparative literature. After some soul-searching about the direction I wanted to take my life, I ended up at Columbia University in NYC for medical school and an intercalated master's degree in narrative medicine. I decided on neurology about halfway through my clerkships, and when I interviewed at UVa, I was blown away by the program: the broad catchment area, the varied subspecialty representation, and most especially the camaraderie among the residents. I haven't been disappointed. The training has been excellent. The focus here is on training, patient care and quality of life. Our attendings, both on the inpatient services and in clinic, are focused on our education, whether that means emailing articles, demonstrating bedside maneuvers, or formal teaching through noon conferences and chalk talks. There's so much enthusiasm for resident-driven research and curriculum development; if you have a particular area of interest you're almost certain to find a faculty member to help you out. Mentorship is a strong point here, and a big part of my fellowship decision (movement disorders) has to do with the great people I've worked with in that division. The collegial atmosphere I saw among residents at the interview dinner extends to our interactions with faculty, with other departments like internal medicine, and outside the hospital. Charlottesville's a phenomenal place to live, with an excellent music, theater, and restaurant scene, a very walkable downtown, and it's just a few minutes from Virginia Wine Country and the foothills of the Blue Ridge.  Impromptu happy hours/picnics, as well as more formal events organized by the Neuro Department or the Housestaff Council (like Third Thursdays, RN/MD socials, or the Residency Retreats) let us unwind outside the hospital. I could talk anyone's ear off about Charlottesville, our program, or medical humanities -- so if you have questions about any of the above, please don't hesitate to contact me.



Kathryn S. Nevel- Co-ChiefStevens-Neve

I am originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I moved down to New Orleans for college at Tulane University, where I majored in Anthropology and Neuroscience. I loved living in NOLA--- from the cajun food to jazz, it was a fun place to live. After I graduated, I moved back home got my medical degree at Indiana University, where I enjoyed living closer to home for a while. I chose University of Virginia for several reasons, but the number one reason was the people I met and spoke with. The residents and faculty are all so smart, fun, and passionate about what they do. That passion is contagious, and I knew it would create an exciting working and learning environment. It doesn't hurt that Charlottesville area is a beautiful place to live. There are endless hiking trails, great live music, awesome restaurants, and wineries. I couples matched here with my husband, Adam, and we love to explore the area with our dog Scout, and are never for lack of things to do when we both are off work.

Lisa S. Toran

Lisa toran croppedI'm from Santa Rosa, CA (famous for being the home of Charles Schultz and the Snoopy museum). I went to college at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where I earned my degree in Biopsychology and minored in beach jogging and eating Mexican food. I went to Penn State University for medical school and it was during my 3rd and 4th years of medical school that I decided to go into Neurology. I chose the University of Virginia because all of the faculty I met were clearly enthused about their field and about teaching. The residents were all genuinely nice, both to us applicants and to each other. As an example, during my interview dinner one resident agreed to take the call pager and be on call for another resident who had another commitment. This kind of cohesiveness is a genuine strength of the residency program.
I am now in my first year of residency as an intern in the Medicine program at UVA, and am looking forward to my Neurology rotations this year. I'm happy to be living in Charlottesville (with all the outdoor ‘naturey’ activities, great restaurants, outdoor concerts and farmers markets), even if they don't have a Snoopy museum.



Halley Briglia


HalleyI was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania.  I then completed my undergraduate degrees in Biochemistry and Psychology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.   From there, I stayed in Ohio to attend The University of Toledo College of Medicine.  I am excited to now be an intern at University of Virginia and reside out of the snow belt for the first time in my life!  The weather is great, but I chose UVa because of the people.  I am only beginning my intern year, and while at times it can be busy, I still look forward to coming to work every day because I love the people I work with!  From faculty and residents to nurses and support staff, the University of Virginia is committed to quality patient care and resident education.  The learning environment is supportive while at the same time encourages you to be the best physician you can be.  As a plus, Charlottesville is beautiful and the outdoor activities are endless.  My boyfriend and I enjoy touring the vineyards, taking hikes in the Shenandoah Valley with our chocolate lab, visiting local restaurants (I have not had a bad meal yet) or just sitting on our front porch gazing at the mountain view.  It is a remarkably dog-friendly town, and we often take our dog out to eat with us or to the off-leash dog park.  I am not sure what field of Neurology I will end up in, but I am excited to be receiving top-notch Neurology training at UVa and am looking forward to the next four years!

Joseph Carrera


I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I attended the University of Michigan where I majored in Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science. That is where my interest in neurology and neuroscience began. From there, I headed to the heartland, and completed medical school at the University of Iowa. After my 3rd year neurology rotation, my decision to pursue a career in neurology was cemented. While navigating the couples match process, my wife and I interviewed at programs across the country. What struck me most about UVA is that the program here is so well balanced, matching a close-knit group of enthusiastic trainees with a faculty eager to teach. These elements, paired with the vibrant college town atmosphere, made choosing the University of Virginia very easy. I’m happy to say that UVA has exceeded all of my expectations. The clinical teaching and mentorship have been phenomenal. More importantly, the friendships that have developed with my fellow residents and faculty members are invaluable. Following residency, I plan to pursue a vascular neurology fellowship, with a goal of staying in academics. If you have any questions about the couples matching process, the program here at Virginia, or about anything else, please don't hesitate to contact me!


Jason Crowell


I am originally from Florence, Alabama.  I graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in Mathematics, and then I moved to Birmingham and graduated from the University of Alabama School of Medicine.  I became interested in neurology during my second year of medical school when we studied neuroanatomy, and after my neurology rotation during third year I was certain I wanted to make this my career.  My wife and I, both born and raised in Alabama, wanted to stay relatively close to home for my residency.  After interviewing at categorical programs primarily in the southeast, it was clear that the neurology residency program at UVA was the best choice because of the faculty, staff, and residents associated with it and the record it has for training excellent neurologists.  In addition to the outstanding program, the charming city of Charlottesville and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains offer plenty to enjoy (and with Washington, D.C., just two hours away, there is literally always something fun to do).  At this time, I plan on completing a fellowship in Neurophysiology or Movement Disorders following residency.  We have really enjoyed the past year here and are looking forward to the next three years!

Kiran Kanth


I attended the University of Minnesota where I majored in neuroscience and stayed on to complete medical school. I decided to pursue a neurology residency during my third year of med school. I chose UVA for residency for many reasons, mainly because of its strong dedication to resident education, the support that the neurology department provides to its entire staff, and the warm weather, in contrast to the frigid temperatures in Minnesota. The most important reason I was drawn to UVA was because every attending and resident I encountered during the interview process and afterwards was very friendly, supportive, and always willing to help. Charlottesville is a great place to live: lots of sun and beautiful mountain views and the charm of a smaller city without the hassle. I am currently in my second year of residency and excited for my first year of neurology. 


David Lapides

LapidesI grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, and went to undergrad in Santa Fe, New Mexico at St. John's College where I studied the great books of western literature. During college, I began doing neuroscience research in neonatal epilepsy at Georgetown during my summers.  When I came back to the east coast for my post-bac program, I continued research in neonatal epilepsy, specifically investigating the effects of potassium channel opener therapy at Penn/CHOP.  I went to medical school at the University of Maryland where I continued participating in neuroscience researching the effects of calcium channel blocker therapy in central pain syndrome.

I always had a good idea that I would pursue neurology given my research background.  But as I got to know more neurologists, I saw that, more than any other field, they were people like me.  Here at UVA was no different.  The relaxed atmosphere, the beautiful mountains and the collegial atmosphere amongst the residents was what initially attracted me to the program.  My fiancee and I could not be happier to be in Charlottesville.  I plan to pursue a career in academic neurology and look forward to cementing my decision on a specialty during residency.


Matthew McConnell

McConnellHey! My name is Matt. I grew up in Charlotte, NC. Throughout my childhood and in high school, my focus was split between class work, year-around high school, club, and state-team soccer, classical and jazz piano, tennis, and place-kicking for the football team. The summer before I went to Duke University, I shadowed a psychiatrist who served a low income patient population, all of whom were on Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans. Witnessing the inspiring transformation of a schizophrenic patient after successful treatment that led to his assimilation back into society was the catalyst for my interest in a career in medicine. At Duke, the innate drive to reenact what the psychiatrist that I shadowed did for her patients collided with my life-long curiosity for the myriad functions of the conscious mind and the neurological correlates underlying what drives our behavior. The neuroscience classes I took and the work I did in Dr. Meck’s lab investigating, through electrophysiological studies examining firing patterns of neurons within the striatum of rats, how we are able to estimate short lengths of time resulted in more of a passion than a curiosity for the brain. What really solidified my decision to go into Neurology were my experiences with the wide variety of neurological diseases I saw during third year of medical school at Wake Forest University. Wake Forest will always be special place for me because not only is it where I discovered what direction my career was heading, but it is where I met my fiance, Emma Pace, who is a Family Medicine resident at UVA.

Hearing about all the horror stories of couples matching and the trials and tribulations of finding a place that both parties could agree on had us rather fearful of what was to come during our interview season. UVA was our first interview and after traveling from Charleston, SC to Portland, Oregon and various programs in between, nothing came close to the excitement and comfort we both felt throughout our visit to UVA. Not only were the faculty and residents outstanding people and physicians, they were fun, happy, welcoming, and easy to talk to and get along with. Both the family medicine and neurology programs encompassed not only outstanding academic training, but also a laid back, collegial environment. We now live within walking distance of the hospital with our dog Rue who has her own fenced-in back yard to run around in. We have yet to completely discover all that Charlottesville has to offer, but we love the ample amount of live music, hiking, breweries, wineries, and quality restaurants in the area. If you weren't thinking of checking out UVA Neurology, I would strongly encourage you to reconsider. Cheers!



Rahul Guha



It is great to be back in Charlottesville!  I’m originally from Mclean, Virginia, a quiet suburban town in Northern Virginia that is 10 metro stops away from the White House.  My interest in neuroscience began when I was a senior in high school. I studied Tardive Dyskinesia in rats and presented an abstract at the Intel International Science Fair. When I started college at the University of Virginia, I majored in neuroscience and studied epilepsy in rats with Dr. Jaideep Kapur’s laboratory. By the time I reached medical school I could not wait to work with people with neurological diseases!

            I am so grateful for the opportunity to train at the University of Virginia because of the incredible research opportunities, diverse patient population and exemplary teaching provided by the attending physicians and residents in this program.  Additionally, Charlottesville is an awesome place to live. Where else can you find a yoga studio within walking distance of a restaurant that serves hamburgers with fried eggs? 



Jasmin Jo


Mabuhay! I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and completed my education and training (yes, even residency) in University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Medical Center.  To make a long story short, I am currently re-doing my neurology residency here in the US.  I initially did Neuro-oncology fellowship here in University of Virginia and MGH/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.  Somewhere along my fellowship training, I decided that I want to stay and do my residency again.  University of Virginia was instinctively my first choice.  The faculty is outstanding, very supportive and welcoming.  I have worked with some of the residents during my fellowship training here and they are friendly, hardworking and know have to have fun.  Being a city girl my whole life, coming to Charlottesville was a big change for me…in a good way. The place is beautiful, the people are very pleasant and everything is close by, including the vineyards; plus no horrible traffic and parking is easy!  The relaxed environment is very conducive for learning and I am looking forward for the next 4 years. 



Greg Kuhlman


"Hello, my name is Greg Kuhlman. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I traveled a great distance from home to attend undergraduate college at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio where I studied Athletic Training. After undergrad, I returned to Cincinnati working as an athletic trainer and a restaurant manager before completing my Masters in Business Administration degree at the University of Cincinnati. Here, I continued on as a Bearcat for medical school and discovered my interest in Neurology. My forth year of medical school was a big year - I married my wonderful wife Margaret and I matched at the UVA Neurology Residency Program. I wanted to go to a residency program that could prepare me for either an academic or clinical career and allow me to pursue hobbies that I enjoy, namely hiking with our dog Fiasco, mountain biking, and cycling. This elusive "work-life balance" seems to be attainable here. Something else I have found is that the faculty here is friendly, supportive, and easily approachable. My wife and I have enjoyed this transition and look forward to what is to come in the future."



Lauren Talman


I hail from the heartland of America: Iowa.  I attended the University of Pennsylvania for undergraduate school.  Though I knew I ultimately wanted to pursue a career in medicine, I took advantage of the liberal arts courses at Penn and majored in French.  During college, I also developed an interest in non-fiction writing.    Medical school brought me back to my hometown of Iowa City where I attended the University of Iowa.  I realized late in my third year that Neurology was the perfect fit for me: the diagnostic process fascinated me and I found the patients endearing.  While I’ll miss the home-cooked meals and rolling plains of Iowa, I am thrilled to be starting a new chapter in Charlottesville.  The personable faculty and enthusiastic residents at UVA were what attracted me to this training program.  I look forward to exploring the camping, hiking and rock climbing areas in and around Virginia and finding my favorite restaurants in Charlottesville.



Sarah Tisel


I was born in Minnesota, but raised as an expatriate in Europe. My parents taught at an international school in Berlin, Germany until I was six and then at a school in The Hague, The Netherlands until I was eighteen.  I attended college at Macalester in Saint Paul, MN where there were a large number of international students, and I was finally able to explore my hometown.  I think I became interested in neuroscience initially because I spent a lot of time thinking about how a person’s culture influences his or her behavior.  I majored in neuroscience and spent a good deal of time researching the neuroplasticity of pain both during college and as a postbac at the NIH. While at Penn State for medical school, I found neurology to be an exciting and growing field that fits my interests and skills.  When choosing a residency program I looked for a place where I would be able to laugh with my co-residents on tough days. I looked for a program where the environment encouraged me to improve myself everyday and provided the tools to do so.  When I interviewed at UVA I instantly felt a strong sense of belonging and found the Program Director and Chair of the department were enthusiastic and dedicated to resident education. I also witnessed a relaxed atmosphere and lots of laughter amongst the residents. I feel highly fortunate to be heading to UVA, and to Charlottesville where I am hoping to spend some time outdoors running, hiking, and exploring the nearby wineries. And, I am looking forward to finding a place in the back of my closet to store my Minnesota winter jacket!



Christopher Vachon


I was born and raised amongst the cornfields of Fort Wayne, IN. Along the way I have enjoyed hobbies ranging from playing tuba to golfing and rooting for my Indianapolis Colts. I attended Wabash College, a small liberal arts college in southern Indiana where I studied Biology, Chemistry, and German. I then attended IU School of Medicine. My interest in neurology began during the first year of medical school after completing the neuroscience course. I became enamored with how all of the circuits of the nervous system work in perfect synchrony to achieve everything ranging from movement and sensation to thought, emotion, and memory. My clinical experience with neurology cemented my decision to pursue neurology which prompted the question of where I wanted to do my training.

I initially considered only programs in the Midwest, but due to encouragement from several faculty and friends I expanded my search to include Virginia specifically; I couldn’t be more pleased with that decision. Upon visiting, it was apparent that a unique rapport exists between residents and faculty alike. It simply felt comfortable; it seemed like a prime place to receive training that is going to lay the foundation for a career. While away from the great state of Indiana I will enjoy exploring the mountains, wineries, and breweries of Virginia with my beautiful wife, Brittany. She too has felt very much at home with the faculty and fellow residents here at UVA. We have both enjoyed our time here thus far and look forward to the coming years in Charlottesville!






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