Neurocognitive / Memory Disorders / Neuropsychology

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Neurocognitive / Memory Disorders / Neuropsychology

The Memory and Aging Care Division at the University of Virginia provides multi-disciplinary care for individuals with dementia, memory and other cognitive disorders.

We are fortunate to have Steven DeKosky, MD, a world leader in Alzheimer's disease research and clinical care, as Dean of the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia and an active member of the Memory and Aging Care Clinic. The team approach utilized in the clinic provides expert diagnosis and care to patients and their families.

The team focuses on ongoing attention to the changing needs of our patients and families. The treatment team includes neurologists, neuropsychologists, a psychiatrist, a social worker, a nurse practitioner and a nurse coordinator.

Services provided by the clinic include neurological consultation and medical management of dementia, neuropsychological evaluation, psychotherapy and access to medication trials. Patients are invited but not required to participate in a number of research studies.  We have an ongoing relationship with the Alzheimer's Association and they provide onsite assistance to our patients.

The clinic is located at the Fontaine Research Park at the University of Virginia which has easy access and parking.

Meet Our Team:





Nurse Practitioners


Research Coordinator


Nurse Coordinator


Social Worker

Alzheimer Association Member

  • Annie Peterson, MSW. LCSW