As part of our commitment to education and to the MS community we are dedicated to training physicians who seek sub-specialization in multiple sclerosis and related inflammatory conditions of the central nervous system.

1. Fellowship

a. Goal - develop the knowledge and skills necessary to provided patient-centered comprehensive care to patients with MS and related disorders

b. Skills developed

  1. Ability to obtain essential and accurate information concerning neurological, systemic, cognitive, and psychosocial manifestations of disease. Demonstrate proficiency in the neurological exam relevant to MS and related disorders.
  2. Ability to interpret MRI, evoked potentials, and other paraclincal testing related to the diagnosis of MS and related disorders.
  3. Knowledge of the diagnostic criteria of MS and related disorders and differential diagnostic considerations
  4. Knowledge of the epidemiology, natural history/course, and prognosis of MS and related disorders.
  5. Ability to develop and implement a treatment plan that focuses on disease management as well as treating the symptoms and addressing the psychosocial factors common with MS.
  6. Understanding the indications, risk / benefit ratios, and appropriate monitoring of MS disease therapies.
  7. Understanding of appropriate referral and utilization of multi-disciplinary care team members.
  8. Ability to locate, critically review, and utilize evidence from the medical literature in patient care.
  9. Ability to direct compassionate discussions regarding “bad news”.
  10. Ability to work collaboratively with other physicians and allied health professionals.
  11. Ability to understand and negotiate the administrative, logistical and financial needs required to establish and operate a successful multi-disciplinary MS clinic.


c.    Fellowship Director: Dr. Myla Goldman, MD, MSc.

d.    Fellowship Coordinator: Brenda Roberts, phone: 434-982-3936

2.   Medical student and resident education

Neurology residents and medical students rotate through the James Q. Miller MS Clinic and gain exposure to the disease and its treatment. The faculty of the MS Clinic provides didactic teaching to these students and residents as well.


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