Mission & Values

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Mission & Values

Our MissionJefferson

We are dedicated to preventing disease and treating illness, educating and inspiring future leaders in the field of internal medicine, and supporting innovative biomedical research. 

We aim to provide compassionate patient care of the highest quality, and translate new knowledge into meaningful improvements in healthcare outcomes. 

We believe these goals are best met through interdisciplinary collaboration, fiscal responsibility, support of diversity, a focus on quality, and a culture of professionalism dedicated to teamwork and collegial relations.

With these core values as our foundation, the Department of Medicine is committed to promoting the best interests of the University of Virginia and the community we serve.

Our Values

We strive for a sense of community, connection and synergy among all faculty, staff and trainees. We value:

- creativity, innovation, and the constant striving for improvement;
- respect for diversity, and for the contribution of each faculty and staff member;
- fairness, honesty, and open communication in all our interactions;
- teamwork and a multidisciplinary approach to solving complex problems;
- transparency and accountability;
- fiscal discipline and timeliness;
- alignment of incentives with the best interests of faculty, staff and the department as a whole;
- a high quality of life for faculty, staff and trainees;
- a culture that encourages lifelong learning, mentoring and advocacy.

Our Pledge

We will:

- conform to the highest ethical standards;
- uphold the values of our partner organizations; and
- give back to our community through public service.