Mission Statement

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Mission Statement


We define mission as the reason the Department of Medicine exists. What defines these major activities is our core mission.

Since our founding in 1906, the focus of the Department of Medicine has been to strive for excellence within our five major core activities: education, research, clinical care, faculty and staff development and financial and administrative stewardship.

We strive to inspire and support biomedical research, promote the prevention of disease and the treatment of illness, and motivate and educate future leaders in the field of internal medicine.

We aim to promote compassionate care of the highest quality that translates new knowledge into meaningful improvements in healthcare outcomes.

We believe that these goals are best met through interdisciplinary collaboration, fiscal responsibility, support of diversity, a focus on quality and a culture of professionalism that is dedicated to teamwork and collegial relations. A focus on these core values allows the Department of Medicine to promote the best interests of the University of Virginia and our commitment to the community we serve.


We define vision as the statement of what we want our organization to become and what overarching direction we expect of the Department of Medicine.

We value contributions of and collaborations between and among all department members that are critical to creating a climate of creativity, synergy and a culture of mutual respect.

We strive to:

  • Transform medicine through innovation and collaboration.
  • Provide the highest quality clinical service that is the first choice for patients and referring physicians.
  • Lead the way in scientific discovery to advance health and attract outstanding investigators.
  • Be innovators in education, attracting and developing the next generation of leaders in medicine.
  • Provide the highest quality service to support our missions in a financially responsible manner.
  • Proudly foster an environment of professionalism and cooperation where people are excited about the work they do and its impact on colleagues, patients, students, and all constituents.


We define values as the guiding principles and beliefs for the Department of Medicine. We attract extraordinary faculty and staff and embody a collaborative and creative environment. We strive for a widespread sense of community, connection and synergy among all faculty, staff and trainees.

All members of our Department must see themselves as integral to the success of our mission and our Department as integral to their personal success.

We foster this culture through a commitment to our values. These values represent the ideal standards to which we aspire.

  • We value creativity, fairness, and respect for diversity.
  • We strive for honest and open communication in all our interactions.
  • We encourage teamwork and a multidisciplinary approach to solving complex problems.
  • We appreciate the contribution of each faculty and staff member and treat one another with respect.
  • We value innovation and are consistently striving for improvement in our work.
  • We encourage a high quality of life for faculty, staff and trainees.
  • We operate with transparency, accountability, fiscal discipline and timeliness.
  • We seek to align incentives with the best interests of faculty, staff and the Department as a whole.
  • Our culture encourages lifelong learning, mentoring and advocacy.
  • We conform to the highest ethical standards.
  • We uphold the values of our partner organizations.
  • We give back to the community through public service.
  • We are caring and compassionate.