Resident Testimonial - Dr. Workman

Resident Testimonial - Dr. Workman

Virginia Workman

"When I was on the interview trail, I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for in terms of a social dynamic, but I knew I had found it at UVA. The housestaff were both relaxed and hard-working, and eager to share their experiences on the wards. Since matching, I've come to realize that this dynamic stems from attendings and upper levels who encourage intern autonomy while being approachable and available around the clock to provide a safety net when needed. Additionally, the caliber of physicians at UVA is incredible: my fellow residents impress me every day with their breadth of knowledge, which inspires me to continually better my own.

I think the most special aspect of our curriculum is the unique population of our continuity clinic. Our clinic draws from throughout the Virginias, making a special effort to serve patients in rural areas who have many social barriers to accessing care. If it weren't for our resident clinic, many of our patients would receive no medical care. UVA's commitment to serving these patients is something that I am so proud to be a part of, and the dedication to providing care regardless of financial status is such an important presence on my pathway to becoming both a competent and compassionate physician.

Finally, Charlottesville! Moving to Charlottesville from inner Manhattan, I expected quite a culture shock. Instead, I found a vibrant urban energy in downtown Charlottesville, with a very unique charm. The restaurant scene is fantastic, with the added bonus that many of the restaurants serve food and wine menus that are entirely locally sourced, as the surrounding area is somewhat of an agricultural mecca. On any given night, you will run into many familiar faces from the hospital out and about. Favorite activities among our class include outdoor live concerts, wine tasting, and tubing down the James river, and we are discovering new options each weekend!"