Resident Testimonial - Dr. Liu

Resident Testimonial - Dr. Liu

Peter Liu

"As a fourth year student, finding a ‘best fit’ residency program to train at can be a daunting task. Being from Hawai’i, I was admittedly slightly intimidated to broaden my program search to the East Coast. When I visited UVA, however, I knew that I had found exactly what I was looking for. The superlative program reputation and historical success of graduates matching into choice fellowships certainly struck me as impressive. Perhaps more important, though, was the 1:1 resident to intern ratio, tremendous support for resident research interests, and a training environment that emphasized collegiality and education in addition to quality and evidence-driven patient care.

While I am only a few months into intern year, I can say with confidence that I found my ‘best fit.’ Every service I’ve worked on has really cultivated a team-based approach to patient care from the attending level down. Education is given a high priority, and clinicians at every level are invested in teaching; we are even afforded designated times for didactics during which our pagers are covered. An optimal balance between autonomy and supervision has both allowed me to grow tremendously as a clinician, and has also made the transition from being a student to a doctor a less intimidating one.

Outside the hospital, life in Charlottesville is awesome. There is never a paucity of options for the food, beer, or wine enthusiast. There are abundant hiking and biking trails within a short drive, and for those looking to get to the beach, it’s only a few hours away. A relatively small town by absolute numbers, Charlottesville often feels much bigger as the downtown mall and ‘The Corner’ are usually teeming with locals, students, professionals, and visitors alike. The residency program is really like a family here at UVA. We're just getting started, but despite our busy intern schedules, we've already been able to tube the James river, have cookouts, spend afternoons at the pool, hike, go to concerts, go to local wineries/breweries, and explore the nightlife together as a group. We also have a group that plays basketball together at least weekly. At UVA, everybody looks out for each other, helps each other when things get busy, and is always up for a good time during our days off!"