Resident Testimonial - Dr. Huerta

Resident Testimonial - Dr. Huerta


"I’ve been at UVA for over two years, and as time passes I become even more convinced that it was the right choice. The program, of course, gives you excellent training, and everyone is incredibly intelligent and good at what they do. However, the greatest thing about the program is the people around you. Everyone, ranging from the program director to my fellow residents, has treated me well. The attendings are incredibly kind and excellent at teaching. They clearly care about residents, and they go out of their way to help out on everything from career or research advice to patient care on a particularly busy day.

I’ve had a great time enjoying Charlottesville and the surrounding area with my fellow residents. Our activities have included going to free concerts downtown, hiking on the trails nearby, eating at the many great restaurants, and exploring the wineries. I’ve also found time for sports including soccer, kickball, and even curling!

I had lots of people explain the esprit de corps at UVA when I was interviewing here, and it really is true. The people here support each other and help each other out to an incredible degree. So many places can give you a good education, but the thing that made UVA stand out for me is the people. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to come here!”