Resident Testimonial - Dr. Gottbrecht

Resident Testimonial - Dr. Gottbrecht


"During the summer of my fourth year of medical school, my fiancée, Laura, and I began the daunting couple’s match process. Despite both being from the Boston area, we both went to undergrad in North Carolina and had siblings living in DC; we therefore casted a wide net up and down the east coast. We did hours of research on ‘what’s important in finding the best residency program’ and on paper it seemed like every program had all the right answers. We considered collegiality, research opportunities, fellowship placement, and 3+1 schedule design. As we set off of on the interview trail our mentors advised us ‘write stuff down because it will all blur together.’ Its true too, most programs offer a lot of the same things. The key for us became the interview day itself.

From the moment I arrived at the residents’ dinner to the end of the big day, I felt more at ease than I had on any other interview day. I remember saying to myself ‘these are my kind of people.’ The residents were welcoming and genuinely excited to meet the candidates. The camaraderie among the residents was obvious. Time and time again I heard ‘I thought I was going to get home sick moving far away, but all those feelings disappeared once I got here.’ This has certainly rung true for Laura and I; it is easy to feel at home here in Charlottesville. Not to mention the great weather, cheap cost of living, accessibility of the outdoors, and the buzz that comes with being attached to a spirited undergraduate campus.

Beyond all this, the residency program truly does offer all the ‘right answers’ to the important questions. We have a program director in Dr. Donowitz who fights for his residents, a teaching faculty that is impressively approachable and invested in the professional growth of the residents, a top notch fellowship match, phenomenal research opportunities, a diverse patient panel drawing from both urban and rural areas, and a commitment to excellence in delivering evidence-based, patient-centered clinical care. I feel fortunate to have landed here and look forward to the next three years! "