Resident Testimonial - Dr. Churchill

Resident Testimonial - Dr. Churchill

Cristina Churchill

"On my drive to Charlottesville before my interview, I was struck by how the Blue Ridge mountains reminded me of the Northeast. Originally from Maine, and coming from school in the Midwest, I have always liked exploring new places. I was immediately drawn to the college-town energy and people I met. I spent a good part of my interview day laughing with residents about the perils of the interview trail and felt very at ease with them. It was also important for me to see that interns and residents were not too overworked to have time to participate in morning report and lectures throughout the day. I was looking for a program where residents seemed engaged in learning and taking great care of patients while having fun and enjoying life – it was evident after the interview day that the UVA program had those same goals.

I was originally skeptical about how I would fare a little further south. This concern was short-lived when I actually started working here and found that amazing residents, med students and attendings have moved here from all over the country for the great medical center. The patients sometimes make fun of my "Northern accent" but other than that, there are not many cultural differences.

In the short time I've been here I've already had the opportunity to have many adventures in the Charlottesville area. Vineyards abound here and most of them have local musicians playing outdoors every couple of weeks throughout the summer. There are many good restaurants in town and on Friday nights I like walking from the free concerts of the Downtown Pavilion to one of the dozens of restaurants along the downtown mall. I am a music lover and am happy to be in a place that so embraces street musicians, live concerts and garage bands. Getting out of town just a short 30-minute drive are lots of hikes on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive. I was on a hike this weekend where I saw a black bear, ate wild berries and felt a million miles away from the hospital. Next up on my list are trips to D.C. and Virginia Beach, both within a few hours drive."