Resident Testimonial - Dr. Gould

Resident Testimonial - Dr. Gould


"When deciding where to apply for residency at the beginning of my fourth year, multiple people encouraged me to apply to the University of Virginia. At the time, I knew very little about the program, but quickly became very excited about it as I read about all it had to offer. I was thrilled when I got my interview invite and scheduled my interview early on in the trail. Although UVA was one of my first interviews, there was not a single interview that I attended afterwards that I didn’t find myself comparing the program to UVA, and found that no where else quite matched up to what I found at UVA.


As I traveled into Charlottesville, I was taken aback by the breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Being a Midwesterner, the beauty of the mountains and rolling hills was a welcomed change. On the evening before my interview, I had my most enjoyable interview dinner along the trail. Not only was there excellent food and drink (something I have now discovered is in abundance in Charlottesville), but I just legitimately had a fun time getting to know everyone and was able to have a relaxed dinner, making me feel excited for the next day. The laid-back, collegial attitude of the residents at the interview dinner definitely carried over into my interview day, and was apparent amongst not only residents, but also all faculty and staff I interacted with. Everyone was so incredibly nice and cared greatly about making all of the interviewees feel at home. On top of being incredibly warm, welcoming people, I was struck by how interactive and intelligent all of the residents and faculty were during conferences, thinking to myself that I hope that someday I can think on such a level. At the same time, they seemed to be having fun doing it. In the end, it was the balance of both an incredibly kind, collegial atmosphere with clear academic rigor that drew me to UVA, and I am so happy that it did.

On top of all that I was especially drawn to the town of Charlottesville itself. The beauty is undeniable and the things to do are endless. Between free concerts, hiking, excellent restaurants, wineries and breweries, not to mention close proximity to towns like DC and Richmond for when you want bit more of a city experience, there’s really nothing that you could ask for. What’s even better is having a great group of residents to share this place with."