Chief Residents 2014-2015

Chief Residents 2014-2015

Michael Devitt, M.D.

Meet Michael Devitt

"When I was getting started on my search for a great residency program, I had a few things in mind. First, I was looking for something outside of Indiana. I grew up and went to high school in the small town of Gas City; went to college at the University of Notre Dame, and then stuck around for medical school at Indiana University. I love my home state, and especially my Fighting Irish, but I was ready to see life outside of the Crossroads of America. Next, I wanted to find an academic program with a great track record in the fellowship match. Finally, I was hoping to land in a place that was a little smaller and where the residents were more closely knit than what I had experienced in medical school.

I interviewed up and down the east coast, as my wife Meghan was from the Boston area and hoped to move a little closer to the Atlantic. I was nearing the end of my interview season and was getting a little weary from the interview trail. Most of the programs seemed the same up to that point, and I had yet to find a place to get excited about. That all changed after my interview at UVA. The night before the interview, I found easy conversation with residents who were excited about their program. Everyone I met was collegial and eager to answer questions. I met with faculty members who were down to earth and energetic. After the day was finished and I was packing for my flight home, I knew that I wanted to train at UVA.

Now that I have completed my three years of residency, I can honestly say that all of the things that drew me here held true. I work with a fun, intelligent, and friendly group of residents. Our attending physicians are amicable, easy to work with, and treat the residents as equals. It has been a great place to learn the art and science of medicine. I was excited to be offered the opportunity to stay at UVA for another year as a chief resident. I hope to continue to foster the tremendous learning that occurs during our morning reports. I am in awe of the amount of knowledge and quality of teaching that occurs during this conference. I also hope to find ways to improve our program as we adapt to the changing environment of medical education. And I look forward to the opportunity to attend on our General Medicine wards and work directly with our fantastic residents.

I have been so happy with my time here at UVA and I'm sure that you will find that this is a great place to get your medical training. I'll finish with the added bonus of how wonderful it is to live in Charlottesville. There is something special about living in a college town. In addition to the energy of the vibrant and passionate UVA students and faculty, the city of Charlottesville is home to a fantastic food and arts scene. Put all that in the beautiful setting of the Blue Ridge Mountains and it doesn't get much better!"

Trish Gordon, M.D.

Meet Trish Gordon

"I was drawn to Charlottesville for the reputation for superb internal medicine training and the high caliber of the subspecialty departments. While I’ve been pleased with my training, the real treat has been getting to know Charlottesville. My favorite part about Charlottesville is the strong community within the city. This is best demonstrated by the free weekly concert in the summer known as "Fridays After Five".  Residents from all departments head to the Downtown Mall to relax after a long week. The balloon animals, food trucks, and Star Hill brews make people of all ages happy.

The community connections are present within the hospital as well. When interviewing at UVA, I was struck by the camaraderie among the residents at morning report. Residents are not only up for discussing an interesting case, but also help build morale with midnight “grilled cheese rounds” and morning trips to Higher Grounds. I have found a home at UVA and as chief resident I am excited to help applicants and interns do the same."

Elizabeth McKinney, M.D.

Meet Elizabeth McKinney

"Welcome to UVA! When I was on the quest for the perfect residency program, the thing that really stood out to me was how happy the residents at UVA are.  Of course, residents here work hard, but the there is a camaraderie that I didn't see anywhere else. I found that UVA has the whole package: intelligent and approachable faculty members, a strong emphasis on education, and a beautiful town nestled in the middle of the Virginia mountains. Concretely, I really like that we have individual services for several medicine subspecialties, including cardiology, gastroenterology, and hematology/oncology. I’m planning to go into General Internal Medicine, so I appreciate this direct exposure to the subspecialties. We have a wide variety of patients from the University professor to the farmer from over across the mountain, which lends to an enriched cultural competency and diversity of disease processes.  Another major asset of our program: if something isn’t working, the message comes from the ground up and change is instituted. This is definitely a resident-run program.
Charlottesville is such a unique place. It offers all of the creature comforts of a large city, but also has so many natural and historical resources. I definitely recommend visiting the homes of Presidents Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe, all within an hour of UVA. The local vineyards also offer countless events throughout the year. One of my favorite evening activities is going to a vineyard for a picnic with friends and listening to local musicians. And the restaurants here are amazing too. I couldn’t imagine a better location for such an awesome training program!  As you can tell, I love UVA and Charlottesville and feel confident that I made the best decision in coming here. Please let me know if you have any questions!"

Bradley Weinbaum, M.D.

Meet Brad Weinbaum

"There is no other city like Charlottesville! Rich history is deeply rooted in the University as well as the surrounding city. Architectural themes found on and off campus are magnificent in their beauty and a constant reminder of past leaders of our country. Shenandoah National Park and the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains are 15 miles away and provide amazing scenery, hiking trails and wildlife.

As a future chief, I am honored to carry on a tradition of excellence at UVA. I look forward to educating my peers, creating an enjoyable work environment and instilling a greater sense of unity and teamwork by joining my colleagues in the trenches when needed."