Fellowship Match Testimonials

Fellowship Match Testimonials

Read below to see what previous residents have to say about how training at UVA helped prepare them for fellowship at top notch institutions:

Erich Kiehl, M.D.
Fellow, Cleveland Clinic

"I graduated from the UVa IM residency in 2014 and am currently a cardiology fellow at the Cleveland Clinic. I entered (arguably) one of the most clinically rigorous fellowship programs in the US exceedingly well-prepared to succeed, and I have UVa to thank. Completing my IM training at UVa easily ranks as one of the best decisions in my life to date.

I knew going into residency that I was interested in cardiology (EP specifically). UVa has a flexible schedule that allowed me to exhaustively explore that interest by individualizing my curriculum. Out of my 36 rotations, roughly 40% were within cardiology, some mandatory rotations (CCU, acute cardiology service), some established electives (consults, clinic, cardiovascular imaging, echocardiography in the Dominican Republic – yes that rotation really exists), and others self-created (EP, research). Despite my heavy cardiology exposure, my general IM training was not compromised, but rather equally superb, particularly within critical care and infectious diseases (Dr. Donowitz would be proud). In addition to excellent clinical training, the combination of high patient volume and approachable faculty make meaningful research a realistic possibility during IM training. A project that began from a clinical question during my intern rotation on CCU has now blossomed into a multi-center study that generated a scoring system to predict neurologic outcomes after cardiac arrest. This resulted in multiple oral presentations at prominent national conferences and in the near future a manuscript in a high-impact medical journal.

However, as good as the clinical training and research opportunities are, Charlottesville and the people that live there are even better. My wife and I have lived all over the US, but Charlottesville is by far our favorite. Housing is new and affordable, the climate is temperate with beautiful scenery all around, and there is so much to do indoors and outdoors, from great restaurants to vineyards/breweries. Your faculty at UVa will treat you as colleagues and your co-residents will become some of your best lifelong friends. For example, one of my co-residents is my son’s godfather and more than 10 of my former co-residents will be traveling together to Iceland in the next month for vacation.
My wife and I hope that someday we can return to Charlottesville and UVa so that I might pay back all I learned and gained from my IM training by serving on the cardiology faculty. If you have a good feeling when you’re visiting Charlottesville, my advice is pick UVa and never look back."

Andrew Shaw, M.D.
1st  year fellow
MD Anderson - Hematology/Oncology

"The UVA Internal Medicine Residency Program offers superb clinical training in internal medicine and all of its subspecialties, ready access to fantastic mentors, and a comprehensive curriculum that fosters both a profound understanding of evidence-based medicine and an intellectual curiosity in how we can improve the delivery of care for our patients. The education and opportunities here rival those found anywhere, but the program truly sets itself apart in how it adapts to the changing demands placed on physicians, especially residents.

I am very proud to have been an internal medicine resident at UVA, because the residents are the primary determinants of the structure and content of the training program. This ownership in the program creates an environment of both responsibility and camaraderie that is infectious and enduring. Simply put, you and your best friends work together to simultaneously help patients and improve how you care for and learn about those patients.

Not surprisingly, fellowship programs are eager to incorporate UVA residents into their healthcare systems. I know that I greatly benefited from the reputation of UVA and what I was able to accomplish there when it came to the fellowship match. More importantly, UVA provided me with a strong foundation that I will carry with me throughout my career and friendships that will last a lifetime. "

Michael Johnson, M.D.
2nd year fellow
Cleveland Clinic - Cardiology

"I believe that residency is the most formative experience throughout our training as physicians. Medical school provides each of us a base of knowledge, but residency is where you truly learn how to be a physician and take care of sick, complex patients. I could not have been happier with my training at UVA. The clinical experience is truly world class and I have been extremely well-prepared for my first year of fellowship.

What makes UVA unique from my perspective is the combination of superb clinical training, dedicated faculty who truly are invested in our residents' future, a fantastic place to live and most importantly, a group of like-minded, hardworking co-residents who remain some of my best friends today. The camaraderie among the residents and faculty cannot be overstated and really makes UVA an incredible place to train. I also feel that the program strikes a great balance between an adequate patient load to ensure you are well-trained clinically and educational time to pursue academic interests to further your career as a clinical investigator. At the end of the day, UVA will provide you with all of the tools to be a leader within your chosen field."

Heather Hughes, M.D.
3rd Year Fellow
National Institute of Health - Infectious Diseases

"Choosing UVA internal medicine residency is one of the most important decisions I have made and has had an enormous impact on my career path in academic medicine. Training at UVA gave me a strong foundation of medical knowledge and skills, as well as a sense of responsibility and pride for my job as a physician. I look back on my time in residency as intellectually stimulating, challenging, and critical to the development of my interest in pursuing a fellowship. I received invitations to interview at many top-rated fellowship programs who expressed their impression of UVA graduates as excellent physicians readily able to handle the rigors of fellowship. I am confident that this reputation was instrumental in my eventual match at the National Institutes of Health. As a current Infectious Disease fellow at the NIH, I am continually thankful for how well my residency program prepared me for fellowship. UVA is universally recognized with respect and I am proud to be a graduate of such an exceptional program."

Jeff Basile, M.D.
3rd Year Fellow
Duke - Gastroenterology

"I am a former UVA internal medicine categorical resident who graduated from the residency program in 2012 and I am currently an upper level fellow in gastroenterology and hepatology at Duke University Medical Center. When I was asked to give a testimonial about the internal medicine residency program at UVA, I felt immediately compelled to share my strong positive feelings about the residency program with other potential applicants. I had a great experience during my three years in Charlottesville and wanted to highlight some of the reasons why I feel that UVA is an excellent place to train for residency in internal medicine.

The goal of the program, first and foremost, is to create housestaff who are great internists, providing a solid foundation for any career path residents decide to choose in the future, whether it is continuing training as a fellow in a subspecialty of internal medicine or becoming a hospitalist, primary care physician, or basic science and clinical researcher. The focus on patient care, education, and research enables housestaff to become well-rounded physicians. It is a very busy and challenging academic program with a diverse patient population that provides exposure to every aspect of clinical medicine. I found this to be a major asset to my training and these patient experiences in addition to well-planned lectures and conferences prove invaluable. The subspecialty structure of the inpatient medicine service allows residents to round on patients with attending faculty who are experts in their respective fields of medicine. I was able to find strong mentorship through these interactions and conduct clinical research with well-respected international thought leaders in gastroenterology. I was also able to take graduate courses in biostatistics, epidemiology, grant writing, and health policy and management through the Department of Public Health Sciences.

In addition to great clinical training and research opportunities, the program has strong leadership and a sense of camaraderie among faculty and housestaff that is truly unique. The collegial atmosphere provides an ideal environment for training and helps form friendships with colleagues that last a lifetime. Charlottesville is also a great place for both young professionals and families to live and has a lot to offer both socially and culturally. Whether single or married, we had a wonderful time as housestaff both inside and outside the hospital setting.

Ultimately, I felt well prepared for fellowship after completing residency at the University of Virginia and have fond memories of my time in Charlottesville. I feel fortunate to have trained in internal medicine at UVA and would recommend the residency program with the highest regard."