Didactics and Schedules

Didactics and Schedules

Inpatient Rotations

A unique feature of our program is a 1:1 pairing of resident to intern on inpatient services throughout the three years. This affords interns the support needed for caring for very ill patients, while providing upper level residents the opportunity for more one on one teaching, including bedside, evidence based and on the fly teaching. Throughout the year the intern will gradually be expected to function more autonomously, while still receiving that valuable teaching provided by an upper level resident.

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Outpatient/Elective Rotations

Conventional electives may involve outpatient clinical experiences focusing on general medicine or subspecialty rotations that can introduce residents to attendings and staff who can promote their interest in specific fellowships. Also available are inpatient consultative experiences, usually in the medical subspecialties. Residents can also be involved in research blocks designed to allow protected time for resident research projects. Residents are also encouraged to use elective time for international rotations. During these elective months, residents participate in clinical experiences and a structured ambulatory curriculum that progresses through the three years of training. To ensure that all residents receive the same curriculum, they are scheduled for at least one ambulatory block in the fall and one in the spring of each year.

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Didactic Conferences

Attending Rounds
Outpatient Report
Morning Report (M/W/Th/F)

Core Lecture Series (through Sep)
Gross & Micro Pathology Conference (3rd Thur)
Intern Morning Report (Tues)
Introduction to Clinical Investigation/Research Conference (Wed, Jul-Oct)
Medical Grand Rounds (Wed)
Morbidity & Mortality Conference (Tues)
Radiology Rounds (General Medicine/Digestive Health)


Twice Weekly
Acute Care Conference (M/Th, Oct-Jun)
Clinical Medicine Conference (M/Th, Nov-Feb)
Primary Care Medicine Conference (Tues)

Evidence-Based Medicine/Journal Club
Outpatient Journal Club

Residents are also welcome to join subspecialty/fellows conferences during their outpatient rotations.