Research Training

Research Training

DC ConidiaThe goal during the research portion of fellowship training is to perform a hypothesis-driven driven research project and to make a meaningful contribution to the literature, as measured by at least one first-authored publication of primary data in a peer-reviewed journal. Research projects may be in clinical or pre-clinical (bench) areas.

Fellows spend 12-16 months working with a faculty member in ongoing research projects. The research block begins in January of the second year and continues through December of the third year, according to the following timeline:

Year 1


Fellow meets with potential mentors to
discuss available projects



Mentor and project identified; background reading



Research presentation consisting of
current body of knowledge on the
subject, gap in the literature to be filled by proposed work, hypothesis, proposed work, and significance

Year 2


Write and submit research protocol for review by pulmonary research committee

Obtain necessary institutional approvals under the mentor’s supervision



Perform work

Interim work-in-progress research

Year 3


Perform work

Research presentation as rehearsal ahead of presentation at national or international meeting (usually ATS)

Prepare manuscript