Weekly Conferences

Weekly Conferences

Board Review

Course Coordinator: TBA

This monthly conference is conducted in a SEEK question format to help fellows prepare for the PCCM boards.

Clinical/X-Ray Conference

Course Coordinator: Borna Mehrad

This weekly conference is run by the fellows, who present interesting or challenging cases. The format alternates every other week between X-ray conference, in which fellows gain experience in interpretation of unknown chest radiographs, and case conference, in which a fellow presents a case as an unknown to an attending, with the goal of the attending providing his or her clinical reasoning.   The fellow presents a brief presentation at the end of the discussion with a literature review pertinent to the patient’s disease process.  Every other week, the fellow’s skills for chest x-ray and chest CT interpretation are developed by their interpretation of unknown radiographs.

Core Curriculum Conference

Course Coordinator: C. Edward Rose & Andy Vranic

Designed to cover the core of pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine provided in a weekly conference by faculty within the division, in the Department of Medicine, and from other departments.  Over the course of the 3 year fellowship, fellows are provided with formal instruction that comprehensively covers the prescribed topics for both pulmonary and critical care medicine.

First-Year Fellows Conference

Course Coordinator: Borna Mehrad

A core series of teaching sessions are provided daily by the faculty from Monday to Friday from July through August to first year fellows to rapidly provide them with formal instruction needed as they enter the fellowship.  These lectures are usually videotaped allowing the fellows to access them throughout their fellowship.

Gross Pathology Conference

Course Coordinator: Maria-Beatriz Lopes, Pathology

Fellows and attendings meet with Dr. Beatriz Lopes in the Pathology Department once monthly to review gross and micropathology specimens.

Literature Review Conference

Course Coordinator: K. Enfield

In the monthly journal club, fellows present recent articles that both provide up to date outcomes studies in pulmonary and critical care medicine and develop the fellow’s skills in critical interpretation of the literature.

Microscopic Pathology Conference

Course Coordinator: Mark Stoler, Pathology

Fellows and attendings meet with Dr. Mark Stoler in the Pathology Department on the first and third Thursday of each month. Pathology specimens from lung and pleural biopsies are reviewed, allowing the fellows to become proficient in interpretation of lung disorders from cytopathologic and histopathologic specimens.

Morbidity and Mortality and Quality Improvement Conference

Course Coordinator: Kyle Enfield

Two monthly conferences are help, the first a traditional M&M conference held in the MICU is moderated by the Medical Director of the MICU reviewing all deaths and morbidities in the MICU over the past month.  This conference is carried out in conjunction with a twice monthly meeting of the MICU Quality Improvement team which is encouraged but not mandatory for first and second year fellows and is required of third year fellows.  An additional PCCM quality conference is conducted monthly to develop specific quality improvement plans for identified near misses.

Research Conference

Course Coordinator: C. Edward Rose

Fellows and faculty present new proposals, work in progress, and completed research projects.  In addition, this conference is used to familiarize the first year fellows with potential research mentors for their research project.  Fellows present at least once a year; in the first year describing their planned project, in their second year detailing their work in progress and interim results, and in their 3rd year as rehearsal for presentation at ATS.

Thoracic Tumor Board

This multidisciplinary conference reviews clinical, radiologic, and pathologic information on patients with known or suspected lung tumors. Pulmonary, thoracic surgery, pathology, and medical and radiation oncology services attend the conference.

Ultrasound Rounds

Course Coordinator: Charles Malpass

To facilitate development of Ultrasound Image Acquisition and Interpretation, focused US rounds occur on the 1st and 3rd Thursday in the MICU with Dr. Malpass. Fellows are encouraged to acquire and store images obtained on these rounds to build a portfolio of captured images for credentialing in Critical Care Ultrasound.