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building.jpgThe Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine treats patients with all types of pulmonary and respiratory system diseases, including obstructive and restrictive lung diseases, respiratory failure, sleep-related breathing disorders, lung cancer, occupational lung disease.

Division members evaluate patients who may be candidates for lung transplants and lung volume reduction surgery.

The Pulmonary Function Laboratory performs routine tests, including spirometry, diffusing capacity, and arterial blood gas analysis. Special tests include evaluation of exercise performance, respiratory muscle function, lung volumes, lung and chest wall mechanics, and ventilatory drive.

PulDiv_lab005The Sleep Disorders Center runs tests for sleep-related breathing disorders.

The Lung Transplant Program has been performing lung transplants at UVa since 1990 to improve and extend the lives of patients with end stage lung disease.

Our team of transplant experts participates in patient evaluation, selection, and management prior to and following transplant.

C. Edward Rose, Jr., MD
Division Chief, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Department of Medicine