Scott L. Sanoff, M.D., MPH

Scott L. Sanoff, M.D., MPH


Assistant Professor of Medicine

MD: Case Western Reserve University
Residency: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Fellowship: Nephrology, Transplant Nephrology, UNC, Chapel Hill
MPH: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Certification: Internal Medicine, Nephrology

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My current interests include understanding which patient characteristics among the elderly predict outcomes in renal transplantation, and how to best tailor graft selection and immune suppression to optimize these outcomes. As the transplant population ages, there is an increasing need by patients and providers to understand how age contributes to success and failure in kidney transplantation.  This understanding is essential to determining the risks and benefits of renal transplantation for each individual, communicating these risks and benefits for an informed decision making process, and to designing the optimal transplant regimen in the elderly.

Also of interest to me is the health policy that regulates access to health care for vulnerable, underserved populations. This includes provisions of Medicare and Medicaid that effect access to renal replacement therapies, including transplantation.

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