Charles H. Brooks, MD, MSc

Charles H. Brooks, MD, MSc


Associate Professor of Medicine

MD: Medical University of South Carolina
Residency: Medical University of South Carolina
Fellowship: University of South Carolina
MSc: University of Oxford, UK
Certification: Internal Medicine, Nephrology

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Under-utilization of new evidence-based interventions to improve patient outcomes has long been identified as a problem in clinical practice. Inherent in achieving better patient outcomes is the presumption that some intervention on the part of the clinician is required. The appropriateness of any intervention, however, is dependent upon the information the clinician possesses about the patient.

As patients with renal failure often have multi-organ system disease and complex past medical histories, my research centers upon patient information and how its presentation format may impact decisions about interventions and clinical decision-making. With a long-standing background in clinical nephrology that evolved into a focus in medical education research and culminated most recently in a Master of Science Degree in Evidence-Based Health Care at the University of Oxford, I am investigating the impact of Disease Management Profiling, a new presentation format for patient information I have developed that may facilitate clinical decision-making and improve utilization of evidence-based interventions.

Notable among my clinical interests are critical care nephrology, renal disease in pregnancy, the diagnosis and management of chronic kidney disease, and management of renal replacement therapies.

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