W. Kline Bolton, MD, FASN

W. Kline Bolton, MD, FASN


Professor of Medicine

MD: University of Virginia
Residency: Boston City Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Fellowship: Pritzker School of Medicine
Certification: Internal Medicine, Nephrology

434-924-5125 | Fax 434-924-5848 | wkb5s@virginia.edu

My interests are in the areas of molecular dissection of the epitopes involved in Goodpasture's syndrome, the role of T regulatory cells in disease modification, and in chronic kidney disease (CKD). My experimental work involves a rat model of Goodpasture's disease which can be induced with a single peptide which induces intra- and intermolecular epitope spreading on GBM antigens. I am involved in clinical trials to slow progression of kidney disease, prevent complications of CKD, and better prepare patients for renal replacement therapy.

My professional activities include:  involvement in numerous Clinical Practice Guideline work groups in kidney diseases; serving as a Board member of the Renal Physicians Association (RPA) which is dedicated to improving the quality of the clinical practice of Nephrology, and chairing the Clinical Practice Committee of the RPA; and participating in numerous activities in the American Society of Nephrology and the National Kidney Foundation.

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