Emaad M. Abdel-Rahman, PhD, MS, MBBS

Emaad M. Abdel-Rahman, PhD, MS, MBBS


Professor of Medicine

MBBS, 1982: Ain Shams University, Egypt
Residency: North Eastern Ohio University
Fellowship: University of Wisconsin
Certification: Internal Medicine 1995, Nephrology 1996

434-924-5125 | Fax 434-924-5848 | ea6n@virginia.edu

Since joining the University of Virginia in 1996, I have served as the Medical Director of several of the dialysis units including the Peritoneal Dialysis unit and the Kidney Center Hemodialysis Unit. Currently, I am Medical Director of the Augusta Medical Center (AMC) hemodialysis facility, and the first chief of the Section of Nephrology at AMC, UVa Nephrology. This newly-developed section is an outreach activity of the UVa Nephrology Division to offer the University's expertise to communities residing further away from the University main grounds. The service includes an active patient service, a clinic staffed by three nephrologists and a nurse practitioner, an active hemodialysis unit with 16 stations working three shifts daily, and an educational component for the second-year nephrology fellows.

My clinical and research interests in recent years have focused on the newly-developing field of Geriatric Nephrology, especially care of elderly patients on hemodialysis. I have conducted research dealing with predicting function and disability in elderly dialysis patients, screening for falls in elderly hemodialysis patients, and screening for depression in that population. I continue to work as a clinical nephrologist following clinic patients with chronic kidney disease with a focus on delaying progression of kidney disease.

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