ABIM Research Track

ABIM Research Track

ABIM Research Track for Internal Medicine Residency Applicants

The Nephrology Fellowship Program partners with the Medicine Residency Program to offer an ABIM Research Pathway -- sometimes called the ABIM "Fast Track." This pathway may be desirable for applicants to the Medicine Residency who (a) have substantial research experience as evidenced, for example, by a Ph.D. or Master’s degree, research publications, etc.; and (b) aspire to a career as a Physician-Scientist.

In the case of Medicine-Nephrology, this pathway consists of two years of Internal Medicine training in the Categorical track, one year of clinical training in the Nephrology Fellowship Program, and then three years of mentored research training in the Nephrology/CIIR Division, supported at least in part by the NIH T32 grant funding.

While this pathway does not allow early completion of training (i.e., this pathway still involves 6 years of training), it allows compression of clinical training in a way that permits expansion of dedicated research training. This can be advantageous to candidates strongly desiring a long-term career as a Physician-Scientist.

Medical students interested in this option at the University of Virginia should direct initial inquiries to the Medicine Residency Program (see UVA Department of Medicine ABIM Research Pathway) webpage.

For additional information about the ABIM Research Pathway, please visit the ABIM website.

For specific questions regarding how the Division of Nephrology partners with the Department of Medicine to implement the ABIM Research Pathway, contact Kambiz Kalantari, MD, the Nephrology Fellowship Program Director.