Nephrology Clinical Services

Nephrology Clinical Services

clinic2.jpgThe University of Virginia Nephrology faculty and staff provide broad expertise in the early diagnosis and management of acute and chronic kidney diseases.

Clinical services are provided at the UVA Health System facilities in Charlottesville, the Augusta Medical Center in Fishersville, and the Salem Veterans Administration Medical Center in Salem, VA. The University also owns and operates dialysis facilities at Zion's Crossroads, Orange, Augusta Medical Center, Page, Amherst, Lynchburg, and Alta Vista ( find directions to our facilities).

We strive to provide state-of-the-art technology and practice evidence-based medicine for our patients in a multidisciplinary approach involving skilled nurses, dieticians, social workers, and other physicians.

Mission and Goals

Our Commitment to Excellence

We pledge to:

• provide the highest level of comprehensive service in Nephrology and kidney-related diseases

• pursue research and innovation in therapy leading to the highest level of holistic care and quality of life

• meet the needs and expectations of our patients, students and colleagues in a compassionate and empathetic way

We strive to maintain the degree of excellence expected of a premier program in Nephrology and Medicine.

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We Provide Services to

Patients » through excellence, epitomized by provision of the best care available in the area of kidney diseases; application of innovative techniques, methodologies and therapies through our academic pursuits; and opportunities to participate in the use of newer methods and techniques not generally available to the public

Students » through application of the best available teaching techniques and methodologies and continuing education in teaching methodologies throughout our careers

Society » through translational research into basic mechanisms of diseases and innovative therapies

Our Institution » through maintenance of the highest academic standards and productivity in patient care, education, and research in a fiscally responsible fashion

Our Colleagues » staff and others around us through courteous and respectful professional interpersonal relationships

Patient Care

Outpatient Clinic

Many of the tests and procedures that patients with kidney disease require can be provided conveniently on an outpatient basis at the Kidney Center's Nephrology Clinic. With state-of-the-art technology, we are able to diagnose and treat kidney problems in their earliest stages to prevent or delay kidney failure. On-site capabilities include: diagnostic laboratory testing, renal ultrasound, pathology, infusion center and a clinical trials research center.

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Transplant Services

Kidney and pancreas transplants are provided through the Transplant Service. Our kidney transplant experts work closely with transplant surgeons to make this option available for patients who are interested. Established in 1967, the UVA kidney transplant program is one of the busiest in the Commonwealth and the region. More than 1500 kidney recipients, including many high-risk candidates, have received their care here.

The UVA program is multidisciplinary with combined medical-surgical clinics and inpatient services. We've seen dramatic growth in the past 4 years with renal transplants up from 65 to 110 annually (about half are living donor) and 15-20 pancreas transplants per year. Sustained growth is anticipated.

We offer innovative translational research protocols and programs for ABO and cross-match incompatible transplants, altruistic live donation, and donor advocacy. An islet transplant program has been initiated and an FDA-approved islet isolation facility is operational. An active clinical research program, in collaboration with various pharmaceutical companies, is also available.

Disease Management

Directed by Dr. Kline Bolton, the disease management program uses a team approach of case management, patient education, and mid-level provider services to achieve its goals.

Care of patients with kidney disease is seamlessly integrated across outpatient management, inpatient care, and transplantation using the evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines of the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and the Renal Physicians Association (RPA).

Goals include:

  • fewer admissions and readmissions
  • reduced hospital length of stay
  • reduced costs
  • better outcomes
  • improved communication with patients and referring physicians

Education programs for patients and families focus on methods to delay progression of kidney disease and preparation for appropriate renal replacement therapy. Programs are targeted to the early phases of chronic kidney disease (Taking Care of Kidneys) and the later stages (Kidney Talk). Participants include the clinical nurse director of the home dialysis program, the dialysis social worker, a dietician, clinic and dialysis nurses, and patients. Patients are assisted in making informed decisions in selecting modes of renal replacement therapy. Over 500 patients and family members have benefitted from our education programs.

Inpatient Care

We provide consultative service for inpatients at UVA and at the Augusta Medical Center. Our team includes a nephrology attending, fellows, housestaff, and medical students. State-of-the-art extracorporeal therapies available include continuous renal replacement therapies, therapeutic plasmapheresis, plateletpheresis, leukopheresis and immunosorption.

Other Specialists

Additional expertise at the UVA Kidney Center includes a dialysis vascular access team composed of experienced vascular surgeons, radiologists, nephrologists and nurse coordinators to prepare patients for a smooth transition to dialysis and maintenance of their dialysis access, and pediatric nephrologists for children with kidney problems.

Geriatric Expertise

Headed by Dr. Emaad Abdel-Rahman (also Section Chief at Augusta Medical Center), and formed in collaboration with the General Medicine & Geriatrics Division, the geriatric nephrology section focuses on the impact of age on kidney function, drug metabolism, and day-to-day activities. The goal is to anticipate and prevent hospitalization and maintain patients at home rather than in assisted care facilities.

Care to Veterans

The Division of Nephrology at the Salem VA Medical Center is dedicated to providing high-quality nephrology care to veterans, and to furthering the mission of the U.S. Veterans Health Administration by actively participating in educational and research activities related to kidney diseases. The Division consists of two full time board-certified nephrologists who hold academic appointments with the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, the Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Blacksburg, and the Virginia Tech Carilion Medical School in Roanoke.

Clinical services provided include all aspects of clinical nephrology including:

  • hemodialysis at our on-site state-of-the-art independent 13-station hemodialysis unit
  • outpatient care for patients with all stages of chronic kidney disease, various fluid, electrolyte and acid-base problems and kidney transplant recipients
  • inpatient consultative services 24 hours/7days per week


The Division provides clinical and research elective rotations to medical students and residents and participates in several multicenter clinical studies and active research projects based at Salem VAMC.

Promising New Treatments

We're always searching for new and better treatments that will help our patients live longer, healthier lives. Patients have the option of participating in clinical trials on promising new drugs and studies on new technologies. We are currently testing new drugs that could delay the progression of kidney disease in people with diabetes or hypertension, and improve the outcomes and quality of life for patients with chronic kidney disease and polycystic kidney disease.

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Special Programs

Home Training Program

Our Home Training Program is integrated with the education activities noted above and provides training and support in the most up-to-date modes of home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

Under program direction by Dr. Mitchell Rosner, a multi-disciplinary team of nurses, social workers and dieticians educate patients from the decision-making process of determining which dialysis modality fits their lifestyle through implementation of that therapy in the home. We offer state-of-the-art therapies that allow patients to maintain independence and health.

Nocturnal Dialysis

The addition of the UVA Lynchburg Nephrology Program expands our home dialysis arena to include nocturnal daily home hemodialysis. As one of only a few nocturnal dialysis programs in the country, we are currently performing NIH-supported studies in this new methodology for renal replacement therapy. Dr. Robert Lockridge, Jr. (Adjunct, Associate Professor of Medicine) is one of the leading authorities in nocturnal dialysis.