Translational ID & Biodefense Journal Club

Translational ID & Biodefense Journal Club

Translational Infectious Diseases
and Biodefense Journal Club

Friday, 12:00 - 1:00 pm
MR6, Room 2501

Each clinical fellow is assigned one Translational ID and Biodefense Journal Club per year, in which they are paired with a graduate student conducting basic science research. Together, the fellow and graduate student choose a topic to present and a clinical paper and basic science or translational research paper to discuss.





Sept 12th

James Platts-Mills

Casey  Hoffman

Oct. 10th

Kirsten Schutte

Stephanie Ragland

Nov. 14th



Dec 12th

Vincent Covelli

CJ Anderson

Jan  9th

Anita Cheruvanky

Abby  Mickey

Feb. 13th

Patrick Jackson

Bert Cortina

March 13th

Ashley Chaplin

Allissia Gilmartin

Apr 10th

Jessica Lewis

Casey Hoffman

May 8th

Kate McManus

Carrie Cowardin

June 12th

Jae Shin

Krystal Haley