Leslie Blackhall, MD

Leslie Blackhall, MD

UVA Interprofessional Education Grant - Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation

Program Title

"Bridging the Gap: Developing, Implementing, and Assessing the Impact of Innovative Undergraduate Interprofessional Education (IPE) Experiences Based on Collaborative Care Best Practice Models”

Timeline and Funding

Sept 1, 2011 – May 1, 2014;     $746,684.00


  1. to develop innovative clinically relevant undergraduate interprofessional experiences
  2. to fully integrate these experiences throughout the clinical/clerkship year, and
  3. to assess the impact of these experiences on students’ achievement of defined IPE competencies.

Expected Project Outcomes

Upon completion of this grant, we will have

  1. created IPE simulation experiences based on Collaborative Care Best Practice Models (CCBPM) for four selected practice areas, patient illnesses, patient populations, and care settings.
  2. integrated these four IPE simulation experiences throughout the clinical/clerkship year for all nursing and medical students.
  3. created and validated Collaborative Behaviors Observational Assessment Tools (CBOATs) for each of the four IPE simulation experiences.
  4. assessed student achievement of the competencies necessary for effective implementation of each of the clinical guidelines using the appropriate CBOAT.
  5. created and validated Pre-clinical/clerkship and Post-clinical/clerkship Interprofessional Teamwork Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (ITOSCE) that will provide a longitudinal assessment of student outcomes.
  6. provided IPE faculty development for University of Virginia faculty and Health System clinicians to prepare them to develop new IPE experiences using the new educational model for learners at all levels.
  7. disseminated this new educational model that provides a step-by-step approach for creating IPE experiences based on CCBPMs for other practice areas.
  8. created linkages that facilitate student involvement in existing and proposed collaborative care projects in the Health System.

Specific Impact on Clinicals/Clerkships

All third year medical students and third and fourth year nursing students will engage in a total of 4 IPE simulation experiences over one year. Prior to the beginning of that year, all third year nursing and medical students will engage in a preITOSCE (see above) and participate in an interactive Introduction to Collaborative Care learning module . After students have completed the four simulations, they will undergo a postITOSCE.