General Medicine Clinics

General Medicine Clinics

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University Physicians - Charlottesville
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University Medical Associates (UMA)

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University Physicians - Orange

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About Our Services

What is General Medicine?

General Internal Medicine focuses on the care of adults age 18 and over.

Why Should I Seek a General Medicine Internist?

We offer personalized primary care services in preventive health care and a broad range of health problems, encouraging our patients to develop a long-term relationship with a personal physician. Our physicians are highly skilled in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of a wide variety of illnesses. They are also trained to recognize when a problem requires the additional expertise of a medical or surgical specialist. Our primary care practices include over 20 dedicated internists with access to a full range of specialty services and state of the art medical technology.

What Services Can You Offer Me?
  • Comprehensive medical examination
  • Counseling on how to maintain a healthy life style
  • Treatment of new or existing medical problems
  • Pre-operative evaluation/consultation
  • Behavioral medicine