Research Facilities

Research Facilities

aurbach bldgLaboratory Space

The division’s faculty utilizes over 25,000 square feet of modern laboratory research space at the Gerald Aurbach Research Building (devoted entirely to the Division of Endocrinology; pictured to the right) and at the Medical School. This includes offices, research laboratories, computer facilities and animal facilities. The Aurbach Building is located in the Fontaine Research Park, approximately 100 yards from the outpatient Endocrinology Clinic. 

Clinical Research

A Clinical Research Unit (CRU) with experienced nursing/ancillary support is located on the main medical campus and used extensively by members of the division for myriad clinical research projects, including those requiring frequent blood sampling over prolonged periods, euglycemic hyperinsulinemic clamps, etc. Dedicated research cores (e.g., the Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory and Research Assay and Analysis Core) are also committed to supporting clinical endocrinology research.

Diabetes Center

This supports basic and clinical diabetes-related research through excellent core laboratory facilities.

Cancer Center

The NCI funded center was initiated in 1987 and offers excellent core laboratory facilities and support for new investigators. The endocrine program is one of seven within the center.

Center for Research in Reproduction

This NIH-funded center was recently renewed through the year 2014. Core facilities for hormone assay measurements are available and serve as a resource for NIH-supported reproduction research across the nation. Support for fellows and young investigators is available.