Gastroenterology Fellowship

Gastroenterology Fellowship

DHC ClinicAs a select group of only three to four new trainees each year, your Fellowship in Gastroenterology & Hepatology at the University of Virginia will give you a profound foundation for your future career. Training with our world-renowned professors and researchers will challenge and excite you. Our flexible three year program includes a 12 month core of clinical training during year one, research training during year two, and a third year of training based on your needs and career goals for qualified candidates, we offer a four year track incorporating formal degree training in Clinical Research or Public Health.


The major goal of the Gastroenterology Fellowship Program at the websitepowellbrijbassie.jpgUniversity of Virginia Health System is to develop trainees to become the future leaders in academic and clinical gastroenterology.

Because all Fellows do not have the same career goals, our program is flexible and arranged to meet individual needs. Trainees should be eligible for examination by the American Board of Internal Medicine before beginning the Fellowship.

There are three general categories within the training program:

Clinician Educator Track (3 years)

12-month core of clinical training during the first year is followed by 6-12 months of training devoted to laboratory or clinical research projects. The third year is tailored to the Fellow's needs, based on evolving career goals, and can emphasize hepatology, biliary or therapeutic endoscopy, or nutrition.

Clinical Research Track (4 years)

This track is designed for the applicant with a strong interest in academia and pursuit of a career as a clinical investigator. The first year is identical to the training received by all fellows, and then the track diverges to permit receipt of a Masters in Health Evaluation Sciences during the fourth year. This intense degree experience involves generation of a thesis, and extensive education in statistics, ethics, clinical study design, etc. During the MHES year, clinical responsibilities are limited while classes are in session. This track is flexible and intended to give the candidate an opportunity to apply for grant support for their early faculty career development.

Laboratory Research Track (4 years)

shamisauerEUSA four year program is available to fellows who desire extended training with a goal of a career in research oriented academic gastroenterology. The first clinical year is identical to that for fellows in the standard clinical track to ensure that all graduates of the program are highly skilled gastroenterologists. The second through fourth years are designed to provide ongoing training in GI to achieve Board Eligibility, but to also permit an in-depth research experience. It is anticipated that fellows completing this program will be highly competitive physician-scientists who are capable of transitioning to independently funded faculty positions.

Selection of Trainees

websitearnermaranki.jpgFour to five new trainees are selected each year. There are two principal criteria for selection: first, the potential of the applicant based on his or her academic record, letters of reference, and an interview at the University of Virginia. The second is an appropriate match between the interests and goals of the applicant and the opportunities offered by our faculty.  Applications are completed online through ERAS. Applicants are not eligible for interview unless the required ERAS documentation is provided. Interviews will be scheduled based upon review of completed applications and an internal ranking of competitive candidates.  Candidates will be contacted by the program director for interview, once those dates have been determined.  Typically interview days begin at 8 a.m. and are 4-5 hours in length, which allows the applicant to become fully acquainted with our GI faculty and fellowship staff.  Applicants are "matched" to our program via the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP).