Immunology/Cell Isolation Core

Immunology/Cell Isolation Core

Core Director: Peter B. Ernst, DVM, PhD
Co-Director: William G. Ross, MA
Senior Technician: Elizabeth Wiley, BS

The Immunology/Cell isolation core provides fully equipped flow cytometry and cell sorting facilities, offering DHRC investigators the necessary equipment and technical personnel to perform a wide array of flow cytometric applications and cell sorting. This includes access to the fully equipped centralized facility in Jordan Hall operated by Joanne Lannigan. Flow cytometry and assistance in data analysis are also available in Room 1112 on the first floor of MR4. Currently, flow cytometry technology is being used and developed to assay panels of human and murine cytokines tailored for T cell biology and/or antigen presentation/inflammation (including epithelial cell responses). The complementary assays for mRNA are being coordinated with the Molecular Biology/Gene Expression Core (LINK) and the central molecular biology facility on campus.

In addition, the core provides expertise in the isolation of immune, inflammatory and epithelial cells from the gastrointestinal tract and liver for characterization in vitro. The core is also able to provide assays (ELISA or Bioassays) or reagents (monoclonal antibodies) as required by DHRC investigators for on-going research related to cytokine biology.

Consultation and training are available for all aspects related to the study of mucosal immune and inflammatory responses. Please contact Peter Ernst (4-1944) to be directed to the appropriate person.

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