Coagulation in Liver Disease

Coagulation in Liver Disease

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The Coagulation in Liver Disease interest group began in 2005 with an International Symposium organized by Dr. Stephen Caldwell and held in Charlottesville. Since then, four subsequent symposia, held roughly every two years in Charlottesville, Groningen, NL and London, UK, have led to the development of a confederated, multidisciplinary group and a number of international collaborative research efforts to explore issues related to bleeding and thrombotic disorders in liver disease patients.

Research is continuing in this challenging field, includinding newer means of measuring the activity of the hemostatic system in liver disease and pathogenesis of some specific disorders, including the possible role of microparticles, through collaborative work with colleagues in UVA Core labs and the Bioengineering Department.  Gastroenterology/Hepatology faculty active in this area include Doctors Caldwell, Northup and Shah.

The 5th International Symposium is currently being planned for Padua in 2013.

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