Basic Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship: ERAS

Basic Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship: ERAS

How to Apply

This is a two-step process. Application is conducted through ERAS. In order to actually apply to any programs you must complete the second step.

  1. Enter ERAS application  information anytime beginning July 1. Documents will be accepted from ERAS only.

  2. Submit your ERAS application to the specific institution of your choice (i.e., University of Virginia). UVA begins reviewing applications as of August 1 and all interviews conclude in early November.

These documents are required in the ERAS system before we will evaluate your application.

  • Common application form, personal statement, medical school transcript
  • Three required letters of recommendation: one from your Program Director and two others from your present institution, preferably one from a faculty member in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Wallet-sized color photograph
  • USMLE transcripts
  • ECFMG status report (foreign medical graduates only)


We do accept J1 visas for our three year clinical fellowships. In the past we have sponsored H1B visas, but the applicant must be extremely well-qualified. Applicants for our four-year program (2 years clinical and 2 years research) must have their green card or US citizenship, since part of the funding comes from NIH grants.

To apply to all other Cardiovascular Fellowships, please click on the correct link under Applications in the left-hand menu.