NBC29 - UVA House Call

NBC29 - UVA House Call

NBC29 and the University of Virginia Health System have come together to bring the Charlottesville community a weekly health segment called "UVA House Call." This segment can be seen every Wednesday on NBC29 HD News at Five.

Tune in for up-to-date medical advice and information from the University of Virginia Health System.


Brandy Patterson


Dr. Brandy Patterson on
Heart Disease Prevention



Dr. Max Luna on
Evaluating Heart Disease Risk

Jamie Bourque, MD


Dr. Jamie Bourque on
Microvascular Disease



Dr. John Ferguson on
Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Aditya Sharma, MD Cardiology


Dr. Aditya Sharma on
Fibromuscular Dysplasia

Andy Darby


Dr. Andrew Darby on
Heart Arrhythmias



Lawrence Gimple

Dr. Lawrence Gimple on
Chest Pain