Collecting on our Pledge

Collecting on our Pledge



They say the best things in life are free.

But, it costs money to build a house for a family to call home. In 2012, the Department of Medicine pledged to raise $60,000 in support of building a home for our Habitat family. The house is built and now the pledge is due. We still need to collect over $20,000. Can you help? If we all pitch in, the individual burden will be light.

One of the benefits of donating to Habitat is that your contributions are tax deductible. And it is easy to donate online. Please be sure to mark your donation DOM, so it will go to our pledge amount.



Need a birthday or other celebration gift? You can make a donation to Habitat in any amount. Give the gift of giving. Why not make a donation to Habitat in the recipient’s name?

If your family is in the habit of making larger end of year donations, please consider choosing Habitat as your charity. There are special tax benefits in addition to the standard itemized deduction from state and federal taxes of the total amount donated. For more information, please contact Katie Geisshuesler, Sponsorship Manager.

A The House that DOM Built t-shirt will be given for all donations over $25. Make a donation by Friday, May 9th, and receive a chance to win an i-Pad Air! Each $25 donated gives you another chance to win. Please consider donating to Habitat for Humanity today.

Thank you for your previous gifts of time and money. You make a difference.