Student Interest Group

Student Interest Group

The Family Medicine Student Interest Group is a student-run organization designed to promote the profession of family practice by: increasing the awareness of and interest in family practice; distributing information about family practice; educating medical students about family practice; encouraging communication between members and faculty; and providing/developing medical student leadership opportunities.


Programs and activities include:
  • Follow-A-Mom (students follow an expectant mother throughout various stages of her pregnancy and are present for the delivery)
  • Follow-A-Resident ( students follow a resident on-call and observe triage phone calls, emergency room visits, and admissions)
  • Strolling through the Match (a guidebook/forum developed to help medical students through the process of residency selection)
  • Brown bag lunches/ lunches with various departmental faculty



Anastasia Martha Crihfield

Emily Lauren Moore Knudsen

Any medical student interested in Family Medicine is encouraged to become involved with the student interest group. See links below for other resources for students interested in Family Medicine.


Links for Students Interested in Family Medicine

National Family Medicine Interest Group
Virtual FMIG provides information and resources that empower a student to explore the discipline of family medicine, and topics such as, career choice, role models, leadership development, the Match, residency, clinical resources, technology, and much more.

American Academy of Family Physicians
This web site contains information about the specialty of family practice, a private area for AAFP members, patient education materials, fellowship opportunities, faculty placement services, residency programs, and much more.