Student Programs - Electives

Student Programs - Electives

Fourth Year Electives – Department of Family Medicine

The Department of Family Medicine currently offers ten, fourth year electives. The goal of these electives is to provide students with family medicine experiences in a variety of settings.

For students interested in a rural practice experience, the department offers a rural preceptorship in Stony Creek, Virginia, outside of Charlottesville (Elective 1404), as well as preceptorships in other rural communities (Electives 1405 and 1406).

For students interested in a clinical experience in an academic setting, Family Medicine has an Acting Internship (Elective 1401), and an elective in our Family Medicine Center (Elective 1409) focusing on acute and urgent care.

For students interested in a preceptorship or acting internship in a community residency setting, the department offers two electives in conjunction with our Roanoke faculty (electives 1402 and 1407).

As a national leader in Information Mastery/Evidenced-Based Medicine and in Behavioral Medicine in Family Practice, the department offers an Information Mastery elective (Elective 1408) and an elective focusing on psychosocial issues in Family Practice (Elective 1410). Finally, the department is adding an elective that addresses care of migrant workers and other underserved populations in the Charlottesville area (Elective 1411)

Family Medicine Electives

You can find detailed descriptions for each of these electives on the
Student Affairs Family Medicine Elective Page.


  • Elective 1401: Family Medicine Acting Internship
  • Elective 1402: Family Practice Preceptorship Roanoke
  • Elective 1404: Local, Rural Preceptorship in Family Medicine (Stony Creek)
  • Elective 1405: Extended Preceptorship in Family Medicine
  • Elective 1406: Rural Family Medicine Preceptorship in Prosperity, South Carolina
  • Elective 1407: Inpatient Family Practice Externship – Roanoke
  • Elective 1409: Family Medicine Center Outpatient Elective
  • Elective 1410: Families in Health and Illness
  • Elective 1411: Migrant & Minority Health Care: Community-Based Approaches
  • Elective 1413: Health Promotion
  • Elective 1414: Chronic Disease Management
  • Elective 1415: International, Tropical and Cross-Cultural Medicine
  • Elective 1416: Caring for Refugees, International Family Medicine Clinic