Family Medicine Student Programs

Family Medicine Student Programs

Welcome to the University of Virginia Department of Family Medicine's Medical Student Programs web-page.

Our department has a tradition of excellence in medical education, and we offer medical students many exciting programs. Our principle mission is to help students learn how to be caring, competent physicians, through involvement in all levels of the curriculum.

Goals of our Medical Student Programs

  1. Promote understanding of family practice among medical students.
  2. Encourage medical student interest in family practice.
  3. Provide an encouraging and supportive environment for students.
  4. Help students develop a patient centered approach to medical care, combining a compassionate and caring patient relationship with excellence in medical science.
  5. Promote Information Mastery, a student and physician friendly form of Evidence-based Medicine.



Our faculty and residents support student involvement in the Family Medicine Interest Group. We offer a Summer Preceptorship to students between their first and second year. All third year students complete a required Family Practice Clerkship. We offer students a wide variety of electives, including an Acting Internship, an Outpatient Elective, Families in Health and Illness, and an Information Mastery elective.

Family Medicine faculty members are actively involved in other School of Medicine Programs, including the Generalist Scholars Program, and the Practice of Medicine first year course, and are active as student advisors.

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Family Medicine Medical Student Programs - Site Map

A listing of the Faculty and Staff of the predoctoral program. Included is a listing of faculty who serve as advisors to students who are considering family practice as a career choice.
Generalist Scholars Program - June Wade
A scholarship program designed for students anticipating a career in primary care (family medicine, general pediatrics, or general internal medicine). All students offered admission to the University of Virginia School of Medicine during the regular interview season are given the opportunity to apply for the program.
Information for students and preceptors involved in the Third Year Clerkship in Family Medicine
Fourth Year Electives offered by the Department of Family Medicine are designed to provide students with family medicine experiences in a variety of settings.
Student Interest Group
A student-run organization designed to promote the profession of family practice. Any medical student interested in Family Medicine is encouraged to become involved with the student interest group.
Summer Preceptorship
The Family Medicine Summer Preceptorship provides medical students, between the first and second year, a comprehensive experience in community-based family medicine. Students work with a family physician in an underserved rural or urban community in the United States.