What Our Graduates Do

What Our Graduates Do

UVa Family Medicine Residency and Fellows Alumni Footprints!

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Finding out what a program’s alumni do, and where they do it, is a great way to assess how well the program prepares residents for different kinds of practice. Our “record” shows that we prepare well-rounded family docs to practice in all kinds of places – from small towns to inner cities to academia, and lots of places in between.

Check out some of this information from a recent alumni survey  - this provides some information about

1.      The size of community they practice in

2.      The town where they practice

3.      The setting where they provide care for patients

4.      The hospital privileges they have

5.      The procedures they do

This “Alumni Map” from the Robert Graham policy center shows where are residents in the middle Atlantic states practice – while we like for our grads to stay in Virginia, we have graduates practicing across the country, from Maine to Alaska.

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