Robert Holub, MD

Robert Holub, MD

Robert Holub

I was born and raised near Albany, NY, and attended high school in Lakeville, CT.  I went to Yale University for college, where I majored in Biology but also enjoyed studying film production and ancient history.  From there I went to UCLA for medical school.  As much as I enjoyed Los Angeles, missing the seasons and my family led me to return to the East Coast.

I went into Family Medicine because it's one of the few specialties that

A) allows you to see both children and adults and

B) has an outpatient focus, eventually spending most of our time in clinic.

I came to UVA specifically because I believe it to be the best Family Medicine program on the East coast.  Being the best incorporates a lot of factors, not the least of which is the fantastic group of people they've accumulated in small region of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

On all my interviews and applicant dinners, I had not met a group of residents as congenial, eclectic, and supportive as the UVA Family Medicine residents.  Charlottesville is the ideal size for a Family Medicine program, being fully integrated into a major academic medical center with all the additional learning opportunities available therein, yet having access to a suburban and rural population most similar to my future patients.

When I'm not practicing medicine, I enjoy silkscreening t-shirts, playing guitar, and watching movies.  I'm also still actively exploring all of the wonderful restaurants and wineries in the Charlottesville area.  On my typical day off I'll play a round of Putt-Putt, eat and listen to live music on the Downtown Mall, play tennis with my co-residents at a local park, or go tubing on the James River.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions about our residency program.