Kristina Johnson, MD

Kristina Johnson, MD

Kristina Johnson

Chief Resident

I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania on the edge of the Allegheny National Forest, where I spent a summer during college tromping around the national forest tracking and banding birds as part of a Forest Service research project.  I majored in Animal Behavior at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania (Ray Bison!).  My undergraduate research focused on primates.  Somewhere between birds and monkeys I decided to go to medical school.

Early in my third year of medical school I found myself torn between Psychiatry and OB-Gyn.  After seeing alot of people hospitalized for preventable illness on my Internal Medicine rotation, however, I realized that I wanted to focus on prevention.

I learned in a public health course that one of the greatest predictors of health in a population is the number of primary care doctors in the area.  Family Medicine was an attractive option for me because of the ability to treat patients of all ages.

I'm hoping to pursue a career in public health advocacy and primary care once I finish residency, and UVA has been a great fit so far.  One of my favorite parts about Family Medicine residency in a university hospital is getting to know residents from so many other specialties, which aside from creating a fun, diverse group of friends, adds new perspectives to my training.

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my classmates, friends from other residency programs at UVA, my fiance Benjiro and my two dogs, Kate and Nancy.  I love dancing and outdoor fun like hiking and birdwatching.  Charlottesville is a vibrant, beautiful place to live and I'm hoping to stay in the area after residency.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions about our residency program.