Giancarlo Pierantoni, MD

Giancarlo Pierantoni, MD

Giancarlo Pierantoni 2012

I grew up in Concord, NC and Powhatan, VA (outside of Richmond) and went to VCU for undergrad where I studied Biomedical Engineering. Went to medical school at Tulane in New Orleans which was an amazing experience to see the role primary care can play in both inner city New Orleans as well as rural Louisana. As much as I loved the atmosphere in New Orleans, I missed the East Coast too much and looked for Family Medicine residencies that fit my needs. There are plenty of great programs in the area but as soon as I started the interview at UVa everybody and everyone just 'clicked'.

The level of teaching in our program, the laid back atmosphere where I feel I learn the best in, and the acuity of patients at a large teaching hospital meant that UVa was the place for me to be. Charlottesville as well is a wonderful little town, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. I personally enjoy road biking and racing so the Blue Ridge Mountains are hard to beat!

My wife Ashley and our mutt of a dog Abby have a great time here as well and when we're off from the hospital, there's never a shortage of things to do. UVa attracts the best and brighest from across the country and the residents I've worked with in and outside our department are caring, intelligent and easy to get along with. It definitely makes coming to work a lot easier when you enjoy the company of those around you.  We look forward to seeing you during the interview season!

Please feel free to email me if you have questions about our residency program.