First Year Curriculum

First Year Curriculum

Our first-year residents spend much of their year rotating through different services in our hospital. They see patients 1 to 2 sessions a week in our practice, and “come home” for Family Medicine Inpatient rotation, Family Medicine Outpatient rotation and a weekly intern lunch.

A typical schedule for Year 1 follows:


First Year Residents

  • Orientation (begins mid June)

2 Weeks

  • Family Medicine Essentials I (Didactic Block Month)

4 weeks

  • Family Medicine Inpatient

6 weeks

  • Obstetrics

6 weeks

  • Pediatric Wards and Nurseries (including Newborn)

10 weeks

  • Pediatric Clinic

4 weeks

  • General Medicine, MICU, Cardiology

12 weeks

  • Emergency Medicine

4 weeks

  • Family Medicine Outpatient

2 weeks

  • Vacation

3 weeks


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