Women's Health Track

Women's Health Track

Women's Health Track

Purpose:                women

To offer interested residents a broad, varied, and flexible selection of the electives in the area of women's health. Each elective will have specific goals and objectives. Residents will have the opportunity to use some or all of their elective time to focus on Women's Health.

Available electives include:

o Midlife Health clinic- see patients with problems related to menopause.

o Female Pelvic Medicine clinic - evaluate women with problems related to pelvic floor dysfunction, work with PT, treat medically and surgically.

o Benign Gynecology - see patients referred to gynecology for problems with ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis. Attend OBGYN journal review, didactics, M&M rounds. Take daytime call to ER for acute GYN problems.

o Colposcopy - attend national ASCCP Comprehensive Colposcopy conference. Work with colposcopists in OBGYN and Family Medicine.

o Breast Clinic - see patients referred for breast lump and other breast disorders.

o Public Health Department STI clinic - diagnose, treat, and counsel patients with problems related to sexually transmitted illness.

o Adolescent Health - in development