Education and Scholarship Track

Education and Scholarship Track

Scholarship & Education Track Scholarship


The overarching goal of the Scholarship and Education Track is to provide relevant experiences across multiple domains to residents who are planning careers in academic medicine. This track is highly experiential and, as such, residents will complete the track with a collection of experiences that can be cited in fellowship applications and/or academic position applications. This track will include discussions of readings, as well as multiple opportunities to develop and implement newly acquired or refined skills and abilities.

The domains addressed through this track will include: 

o Scholarship

§ Scholarly writing

§ Grant process

§ Defining scholarship

§ Getting information into the public domain

o Administration/Leadership Development

§ Intentional design/meeting design

§ Time management

§ Team building

o Teaching

§ Lecturing

§ Small group teaching

§ Clinical teaching (precepting, in-patient, procedures)