Eli Pendleton, MD

Eli Pendleton, MD


Eli Pendleton, MD

University of Kentucky

Third year of residency is amazing, I would recommend it to anyone.  It's incredible to reflect on everything learned and experienced in two short years, and to have a broadened perspective on patient continuity and care.  It's been quite a trip, and I couldn't imagine having done it without the help and support of my fellow residents and our fantastic faculty.   

I have thoroughly enjoyed our program and everything it has to offer.  The Information Mastery sessions have been invaluable in nurturing an analytic eye for evidence, and as a third-year I get to take a more active role in teaching these topics.  Our collegial relationship with other departments has left me with friends throughout the hospital, always available for the curbside consult or post-work pizza and beer.  And the multitude of interests and career paths of our faculty have helped to focus my own goals and aspirations.   

Being from Oregon, I love the outdoors and enjoy all of the hiking, biking, running, canoeing, camping, etc, that the area has to offer.  My wife, a peds resident, and I aren't afraid of some weekend wine tasting nor a dinner on the mall at one of the fantastic local restaurants.  We're looking forward to the fall and the explosion of color that the Blue Ridge becomes as well as the apples that are piling up on Carter Mountain as we speak. Safe to say there's enough around to keep a guy occupied. 

Come visit and see for yourself, I'll be happy to show you around.