Sean Reed, MD

Sean Reed, MD

Family Medicine Department of the University of Virginia

 Resident Class of 2007

Sean Reed

Sean Reed, MD
University of Massachusetts

I think of myself as a Massachusetts native although I lived most of my adult life (prior to residency) in Washington, D.C. With my political science degree in hand from Syracuse University, it was in Washington that I got my first "real" job as a lobbyist. This, of course was after spending nearly a year on Capitol Hill working (not getting paid) for the Honorable John Joseph Moakley (D-MA), a member of the House of Representatives. Living in D.C should be a part of everyone's life plan (for at least a couple of years). It is such an invigorating and special city.

Six years in the consulting industry was enough to convince me that I wanted to return to the classroom to learn a trade. I represented many wonderful clients including Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, McGruff the Crime Dog and the New England Conservatory of Music, but it was our health clients that caught my interest. It wasn't long before I had completed my post-baccalaureate at Tuft's University and entered medical school at the University of Massachusetts. During my second summer I married the love of my life, Karin and our family has grown to four with the birth of our second daughter Isabel.

We absolutely love Charlottesville. We were able to buy a little home to call our own and my wife teaches third grade in the County. I hope to combine my lingering interest in population health and public policy. I enjoyed the honor of serving as one of our chiefs last year.  We had a great group of residents and an unbelievably supportive and inspiring faculty.  I would be glad to share more of my experiences or answer any questions about the program.

(Sean is now an Assistant Professor in the Family Medicine Department at UVa.)