Jen Brammaer, MD

Jen Brammaer, MD

Family Medicine Department of the University of Virginia

 Resident Class of 2007

Jen Brammer

Jennifer Brammer, MD
Marshall University

I was extremely happy at UVa Family Medicine. My husband and I couples matched there (he was an Internal Medicine resident). It took lots of interviews to finally find the place that we were both excited about. It was late January, and interviewing season was winding down when Glenn and I interviewed at UVa. We were quite frustrated with the whole "I love it, you hate it" kind of thing and starting to doubt that we would ever agree on a residency program. Then the unthinkable happened. We realized we had found exactly what we were looking for - fun, friendly, down to earth residents/ faculty, an awesome educational opportunity in a university setting, and a centrally located program in the same hospital(important to those couples matching when you are both interns). In fact we liked it so much that we came back for a second visit. That, of course, sealed the deal. Everyone was so kind and so excited to be there. They even made a Hokie in Hooville feel at home.

The fact that UVa Family Medicine just happens to be in Charlottesville is just an added bonus. The beautiful mountains make us W. Virginians feel right at home! We lived at the lake just southeast of town and we loved it. We enjoyed watching all the gorgeous seasons as they change over the water (we were usually running by the lake, as we didn't live right on it). In our free time we loved running, spending time with our families (WV is close) and our dog, Reilly(a GSP), watching movies, exploring the Blue Ridge mountains and all the unique restaurants there in Cville. In the future, we plan to return to our "Mountain Mama" to practice, as they are in great need of well trained physicians. Of course, the way to make God laugh is to tell Him your plans, so wherever He leads us, I pray that we will follow and serve Him.