Marsha Taylor

Marsha Taylor

Family Medicine Department of the University of Virginia

 Resident Class of 2006

 Marsha Taylor

 Marsha Taylor, MD
University of Virginia

While in medical school, I fell in love with Charlottesville and the folks in the Family Medicine department. I am married with one little girl, and Charlottesville is a wonderful place to raise a family. It is a beautiful area, and full of culture. There is diverse community with a strong focus on education. My family loves the outdoors, and there are many opportunities to hike, bike, fish, camp, and enjoy nature.

I interviewed at several other places, trying to make sure that I wasn't just staying at UVA to live in Charlottesville. After interviewing, I was even more convinced that residency here was the right choice for me. The faculty here are wonderful people, and very supportive. I feel they want to support my growth as a person and as a physician.

At UVA, we not only have access to the experts in family medicine who have a broad spectrum of expertise and experiences, but also to training from great people in other departments. In addition to the great hospital experiences, I feel that the clinic experience is wonderful too. There are many opportunities to become a well rounded family physician.

In my first month of residency, I was able to do colonoscopy, EGD's, and vasectomies. There are opportunities later in residency to have exposure to rural medicine, in which I am very interested. We have a clinic at the base of the beautiful Wintergreen Resort that serves rural Nelson County. There have been opportunities to focus on my interests, and I am sure that I will not escape residency at UVA without receiving great training. With the focus on evidence based medicine and information mastery, I will also be well equipped to adapt to the many changes that I will face later on in my career. Overall, I feel that the great people, the area, and the chance for a great education are all reasons for choosing to do my residency here!