Nina O'Connor

Nina O'Connor

 Family Medicine Department of the University of Virginia

 Resident Class of 2006

 Nina (Ross) O'Connor

Nina O'Connor, MD
University of Virginia

I attended medical school at UVA and fell in love with both Charlottesville and the UVA family practice department. Both the residents and the faculty welcomed me into the department as a student, and when I interviewed at different residency programs, I realized that I could not find any reasons to leave UVA. I was looking for a university-based program as I wanted the intellectual challenge of learning from the brightest in different fields. I am also excited about teaching medical students, and I enjoy research as well. Most importantly, however, I found a supportive department at UVA with lots of positive role models- wonderful physicians who value their families and outside interests as well as medicine. When I'm not at work, I like to spend time with my fiance, Matt, whom I met here at UVA. I also enjoy ballet, quilting, hiking, and exploring the beautiful country surrounding Charlottesville.