Mark Lepsch, MD

Mark Lepsch, MD

 Family Medicine Department of the University of Virginia

 Resident Class of 2005

 Mark Lepsch

Mark Lepsch, MD
University of Virginia

Hello - thanks for checking out our program and our web site!  I am married to a Nurse Practitioner (Nicole).  Having children myself, I can definitely vouch for the family oriented nature of the Family Medicine Residency program at UVa.  I was originally an electronics engineer from the Washington, D.C. area before attending medical school at UVa.  

The best thing about our program is the diversity - whatever your interest there is a fund of knowledge both inside the department and amongst other departments at UVa. That is one big advantage of an academic medical center. Personally, I have strong interests in hospital medicine, sports medicine, and the use of technology in medicine. Combining the strengths of the program with the beautiful Charlottesville community makes this a very special place to train.

(Mark sent an email to the Program Director recently:

"I've been sitting here incorporating the latest USPSTF recommendations into my personal templates for the last hour, and I had a thought:

The best thing that UVA Family Med teaches besides just to examine evidence is to be amenable and even welcoming of change. 

In my humble 2 years of experience, I have found that if I am NOT changing the way I practice on a monthly basis, then I am worried that I am not keeping up with the literature! I think this must be a stark contrast to medicine 30 years ago, but this is a good change - and I think it is great that you all teach residents to expect to live with continued change. The status quo makes me nervous, and that is good. Thanks for teaching me this! Keep up the great work...")