Karen L. Maughan, MD

Karen L. Maughan, MD

Karen Maughan

Karen L. Maughan, MD
Associate Professor
Assistant Family Medicine Residency Director

MD Degree: McGill University
Residency: Family Medicine University of Ottawa

Our Family Medicine Department a wonderful place to learn, teach, and grow personally. Our faculty and residents create an exciting and dynamic environment that demonstrates, at its core, a commitment to clinical excellence, active learning, and supportive mentoring.

I studied medicine and completed residency training in Canada before coming to the University of Virginia for a Fellowship in Family Medicine in 1993. I fell in love with Charlottesville, stayed, and worked in a busy private practice in town for almost 2 years and learned a tremendous amount. While in private practice, I often taught medical students in my office. I enjoyed private practice, but was drawn to the academic aspect of a residency program and wanted to further develop my teaching experience. I missed practicing OB which is one of the things I love best about practicing Family Medicine. I joined the Family Medicine faculty at the University of Virginia in 1996.

I enjoy the entire spectrum of Family Medicine and have a special interest in women's health, obstetrics, and the care of young families. I enjoy the opportunities for teaching and learning with our residents through the challenges of patient care. I was the Director of our Family Medicine Clerkship for 7 years and am excited to now be the Assistant Director of the Family Medicine Residency. I have always valued my time teaching and working with our residents in clinic, on Labor and Delivery and the wards, and this role allows me to formalize those  relationships as well as to be intimately involved in curriculum development.

More personally, I am happily married and have 3 children (Will, Henry, and Katherine). My husband, Peter, is also a faculty member in our department.